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Top Eight Adventure Aids

Top Eight Adventure Aids
Taikhum Sadiq

Once the winter wilts away, the summer will bring with it the season for adventures and treks. From mountains to forests and from natural parks to road-trips, there is a wide range of adventure trips you can take this summer season. One requires several tools and devices while on an adventure that can help, not only in survival but also make your trip a comfortable and safe experience. At HPFY, we have a great collection of amazing aids, along with a wide range of medical aids designed for outdoor use, which can make your adventure an experience to remember while staying always safe.

1. Textport Brookwood Internal Frame Tent

Textport Brookwood Internal Frame Tent has a unique two-pole internal frame system with shock-corded fiberglass poles. Textport Brookwood Tent has rugged taffeta with a polyurethane coating and comes with a tub-style rip-stop polyethylene floor. Additionally, the tent has an arch-style front door with a 1/2 mesh window and zippered storm flap.

Features of Textport Brookwood Internal Frame Tent
  • Two "no-see-um" mesh roof panels
  • Complete with stakes carry or storage bag
Buy Textport Brookwood Internal Frame Tent

2. Texsport Camp Shower and Shelter Combo

Texsport Deluxe Privacy Camp Shower and Shelter Combo have large zippered D-style doors with heavy-duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls and rainfly and removable rip-stop polyethylene floor. The two no-see-um mesh windows with zippered storm flats and four no-see-um mesh roof panels provide superior ventilation. Rainfly has 2 see-through skylights for better visibility inside. The Five-gallon reservoir is designed to absorb the sun’s rays to heat water naturally. It has durable web straps with quick-release buckles to secure the frame and shower for hanging.

Features of Texsport Camp Shower and Shelter Combo
  • Has heavy-duty Tafetta walls and rainfly are polyurethane coated
  • Removable rip-stop polyethylene floor
  • Rust-resistant 3/4" diameter chain-corded steel poles
  • Durable speed clips secure shelter to frame Large zippered "D" style front door
  • Two "no-see-um mesh roof panels provide superior ventilation
  • Rainfly has two see-through skylights for better visibility inside Removable hanging towel bar outside
  • Mesh shower rack in corner Includes a 5 Gallon capacity camp shower
Texsport Deluxe Privacy Camp Shower And Shelter Combo

3. Texsport Montana Screen Arbor

Insects and pests are two things one wants to be away from during an outdoor activity or an adventure trip. Using an insect repellent cream or spray can be viable during the day, but at night one cannot constantly use these items. The Texsport Montana Screen Arbor gives shelter from the sun and protection from flying insects with No-See-Um mesh walls and a roof supported by fiberglass poles. It has 2 zippered entrances and comes with a carry or storage bag. It keeps the insects out and the camping fun.

Features of Texsport Montana Screen Arbor
  • Heavy-duty taffeta skin
  • Powder-coated, 3/4-in diameter, chain-corded steel leg poles
  • Fiberglass poles support the roof
  • Molded pole joints
  • Complete with stakes and a carry-storage
  • Flame retardant
Texsport Montana Screen Arbor

4. Texsport Hilo Hut Privacy Shelter

Texsport Hilo Hut Privacy Shelter is great for the beach backyard pool or camping. Texsport Hilo Shelter is made up of rugged polyurethane-coated taffeta. Moreover, the Hilo Hut has a pin and ring frame system.

Features of Texsport Hilo Hut Privacy Shelter
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Large “D” style door with zipper closure
  • Mesh storage pocket
  • Includes stakes and storage bag
Buy Texsport Hilo Hut Privacy Shelter

5. Solstice 2 Person Rogue Kayak

A kayak is one of the biggest representations of adrenaline-filled adventure activity. The Solstice 2 Person Rogue Kayak is made for rough and untamed rivers and can help you navigate through the strongest of waters. Made from heavy-duty 26-gauge K80 PVC material with radio frequency (RF) welded seams, the kayak is durable and can endure extreme conditions. The 126" x 33" (320 cm x 84 cm) kayak can comfortably seat 2 kayakers on the adjustable inflatable seats, with a combined weight of up to 360 lbs (158.75 kg). Do undergo proper training before entering a river or a stream with the kayak.

Features of Solstice 2 Person Rogue Kayak
  • Comes complete with front and rear spray covers
  • Constructed with a 3-chambers for safety and an I-Beam floor which offers superior control and greater performance
  • The convertible design makes it ideal for one or two paddlers
  • Inflation and deflation are quick and easy with the Boston and compression valves
Solstice 2 Person Rogue Kayak

6. Fiskars Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter with 45mm Blade

A blade or cutter is one of the most useful tools of a camper or trekker. The Fiskars Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter With 45mm Blade makes cutting a wide variety of quilting materials comfortable and easy. Rotary Cutter is ideal for cutting multiple layers of fabric, paper, felt and vinyl. A curved shape with a loop handle provides a natural fit for your hand to improve comfort and control while a versatile design provides excellent blade visibility for right- or left-handed users. It can be used to cut multiple materials in any kind of environment.

Features of Fiskars Rotary Cutter
  • Rotary blade can be assembled to either side of the rotary cutter, providing optimal blade visibility for both right- and left-handed users
  • High-grade, precision-ground, stainless-steel 45 mm rotary blade stays sharp for a longer period of time
  • Curved, loop-handle design provides a natural fit for your hand
  • Handle improves control and lets you keep the cutter in hand while you rearrange materials
  • Sliding button extends blade during use, locks it into position and retracts it for safe storage
  • Blade snaps in or out easily for quick replacement
Fiskars Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter With 45mm Blade

7. Scosche SoundKASE Ultra-light Sport Armband Case

Scosche SoundKASE Ultra-light Sport Armband Case for Smartphones keeps the smartphone safely attached to the arm while the wearer run, bike, workout, and more. The hook and loop strap secures the case as tight or loose, while the built-in screen protector keeps the fragile glass on the front of the device from getting damaged.

Features of Scosche SoundKASE Ultra-light Sport Armband Case
  • Comfortable Design
  • Neoprene material breathes well during strenuous exercises and fits comfortably around the arm.
  • The Soundkase prevents having to carry the device or setting it down on workout equipment to be easily forgotten.
  • Built-in Screen Protection
  • The screen protector allows to fully operate the touchscreen controls while the device remains fully protected.
  • Reflective accents let the user run safely at night or in cloudy weather.
  • An integrated key slot allows storing small items while workout conveniently.
  • Works with devices of Dimensions: 5"x 2.5" x 0.5" (approx.)
Scosche SoundKASE Ultra-light Sport Armband Case

8. Texsport Seaview Double Size Hammock

Teakworks4u Folding Teak Camp Stool With Canvas Seat is the perfect teak stool for any occasion. One can use the seat around for extra seating on the patio, boat, or even to bring camping. If you are looking for a durable piece, this teak stool offers a pop of color and is easily stored away.

Features of Teakworks4u Folding Teak Camp Stool With Canvas Seat
  • The camp stool has a solid teak frame
  • Durable canvas seat
  • Folds flat
  • 3 Seat cover colors available
  • Made in America
Buy Teakworks4u Folding Teak Camp Stool With Canvas Seat

We, at HPFY, offer a great range of adventure aids, camping aids, and trekking aids, for making your adventure trip a comfortable and safe experience. These aids, from top manufacturers and brands, are known to provide great assistance at affordable prices.


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