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A Dozen Top Incontinence Products

A Dozen Top Incontinence Products
Kevin Cleary

Battling incontinence can require a multifaceted attack. Everything from what you eat/drink and what type of incontinence you suffer from goes into developing a plan to manage your incontinence. Since each person is different, it is beyond obvious to state that each solution is therefore different. So how do we identify which incontinence products may be appropriate? We here at HPFY can point you to 12 top incontinence products that you may be able to incorporate into your daily incontinence program.

Top 12 Best Products for Urinary Incontinence

Dealing with and battling incontinence can be frustrating and embarrassing. Often we let our incontinence keep us from enjoying everyday life in order to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation. Believe it or not, there are a multitude of products available. So much so that the plethora of options can make your head spin. No matter your type of incontinence (urge, stress, overflow, or mixed incontinence) or daily need, the key is to regain your quality of life and make every day just a little easier. Look to these 12 great incontinence products:

  1. McKesson Ultra Absorbency Tab Closure Adult Disposable Briefs

    Ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence, these adult briefs feature dual-core performance that keeps skin safe by locking moisture away. Not only do they benefit our skin, but they change the pH balance of urine in order to minimize odor. The soft, cloth-like inner and outer material make them totally discrete.
  2. QuickChange Penile Incontinence Wrap

    Designed to handle male incontinence in sleeping or non-ambulatory patients, the one-size-fits-all wrap collects urine before it has a chance to contact your skin. This can help with skincare and minimize the chance of breakdowns and infection. This wrap can also help with uninterrupted sleep and changes are quick and easy which can lead to better care at home.
  3. Medline FitRight Restore Ultra Incontinence Briefs with Remedy Phytoplex

    The SeniSoft fabric of these incontinence briefs is comfortable and totally discrete, while wicking away fluid to minimize odor and provide maximum absorbency for daytime and nighttime protection. They also incorporate a layer of Remedying Phytoplex skin cream for an extra level of protection and is latex-free.


Buy QuickChange Penile Incontinence Wrap
QuickChange Penile Incontinence Wrap
Buy Medline FitRight Restore Ultra Incontinence Briefs with Remedy Phytoplex
Medline FitRight Restore Ultra Incontinence Briefs with Remedy Phytoplex
  1. First Quality ProCare Adult Washcloth

    Ideal for home or medical facility care, these washcloths are designed to leave your skin soft, fresh, and clean. With skincare a priority in any incontinence plan, these contain vitamin E and aloe vera and are enriched with natural moisturizers, and are suitable for every skin type. Highly durable and tear-resistant they are great for a quick cleaning or personal hygiene in the bathroom!!
  2. Covidien Sure Care Super Protective Underwear-Maximum Absorbency

    For those that have a constant urge or bladder contractions followed by urine leakage, these underwear-like diapers are perfect for heavy incontinence protection. The wide superabsorbent gel core provides optimum absorbency while controlling order. Since they look and feel like real underwear, they are totally discrete and allow the user to live a completely social lifestyle.
  3. Secure Personal Care TotalDry Dual Pads

    These pads are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence protection (1000 mL plus) and have two separate 11-inch pads joined together that can be layered or cut into two separate pads. They do not have a moisture backing or adhesive strip.


Buy Cardinal Sure Care Super Protective Underwear - Maximum Absorbency
Cardinal Sure Care Super Protective Underwear - Maximum Absorbency
  1. Medline Deluxe Dry Disposable Washcloths

    These strong wipes are gentle yet tough enough for just about any patient cleaning needs. The extra strong material resists tearing and is ideal for quick cleanups and cleaning of the perineal area. These washcloths are unscented and latex-free while eliminating the need for an increased laundry load.
  2. Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men-Maximum Absorbency

    The soft, cotton-like material of these incontinence underwear designed for men are made from a superabsorbent material that are durable and stretches with the user. They are discrete and quiet for discrete wear, are disposable, and are FSA eligible in the USA. The tailored leg elastics prevent leakage and the comfortable stretch waistband securely keeps everything in place.
  3. Medline Soothe and Cool Total Body Cleanser

    This rinse or no-rinse wash is latex-free and is formulated with a balanced pH degree which keeps the skin in the proper acidic range. Perfect for any patient cleaning instance that requires an in bed wash with no-rinse solutions and washcloths. The gentle pH balance of this total-body cleanser is great for perineal care or as a spot cleanser anywhere on the body.


  1. Poise Ultra-Thin Incontinence Pads-Maximum Absorbency

    Specifically designed for bladder leakage, this pad holds its shape, therefore, avoiding punching, twisting, and folding to provide outstanding protection against leakage along the full length of the pad. Designed and packaged just like feminine pads so women can easily and conveniently toss them in their purse or gym bag and take their protection anywhere they need to go.
  2. First Quality ProCare Plus Protective Underwear

    Don’t be fooled by the disposable, pull-up style of this protective underwear. They have a cloth-like outer fabric that has a superior absorption power while maintaining the appearance of everyday underwear. Designed for those who have moderate to heavy bladder control needs, these protective underwear are gentle against your skin while providing great protection from leakage.
  3. Covidien STA-Put Fluff/Polymer Heavy Absorbency Underpads

    Protecting your bedding and mattress against incontinence, these single-use underpads offer more protection from urine than three or four other fluff underpads available. The adhesive strips or wings keep these protective underpads in place during the night and can be economical in the long run. No need for multiple pads at night!! The super absorbent polymer provides premium absorption and odor control.



Incontinence issues shouldn’t rule our lives. Work with your urologist to determine what daily needs you may need to handle and what options they think may be appropriate for your incontinence program. In order to find the top incontinence product that meets your needs and your budget may require a little trial and error, but rest assured there is something out there that is right for you. Don’t give up and reclaim your independence and quality-of-life!!


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