Supporting the Hip

Supporting the Hip

How strong is my hip?

The hip is the second in command when it comes to perfect mobility. Without the perfect functioning of the hip, no one can function properly. Whether it’s animals or humans, the hip is an indispensable part of the body. The hip is important in maintaining the balance of the body. Technically the hip can withstand weight of about 100 lbs. But excessive stress or strain on the hip can result in rupturing, strain, or fracture of the hip.

What are the problems associated with the hip?

There are a number of problems that can affect the functioning of the hip. They intensity and the frequency of the problems depends on one’s health and daily activities.

Joint and Muscle Problems - Hip fractures occur in the upper region of the thigh bone that is connected to the hip. Hip dislocation refers to the thigh bone slipping out of its socket in the hip. There are tow types, namely anterior and posterior, depending on the position of the dislocation. Hip strains are another problem which occurs when the muscles supporting the hip are stretched beyond limit or are torn in some way. There are many other issues, but these are the most common ones.

Hip Diseases - There are a number of diseases and genetic disorders that can affect the hip. The most common is osteoarthritis of the hip. Arthritis of the hip refers to the degeneration of the fibrocartilage in the hip socket. This results in the bones rubbing against each other and many a time developing bone spurs to make up for the lost cartilage. This causes stiffness and pain in the hip and can lead to complete immobility of the hip. The other major problem is hip bursitis. Bursae are small sacs situated in many of the major joints of the body and act like cushions reducing the friction in the joints. Bursitis refers to the inflammation of these sacs. Hip bursitis is the inflammation of the two bursae situated in the hip.

Who is affected by these problems?

People who do heavy physical work on a daily basis are more likely to get affected by the joint and muscle problems. While problems like arthritis usually come with age. After the age of 50, a person has higher chances of suffering from arthritis. Bursitis may affect people who sit for long periods while working. Thus regular exercise is advised to such people.

What are the treatment options?

There are a number of treatment options for one which include medications, surgeries, and special exercise regimens. For joint and muscle problems surgery is rarely needed unless the problem is severe. For problems like arthritis surgery is many a time recommended depending on the intensity. Bursitis and such inflammatory problems can be cured by therapy and rehabilitation. Items like hip supports, braces, and wraps are developed and designed to support the hip during various treatment procedures. They can also be used to deliver different types of therapeutic medications.

What are my options?

Supporting the HipSupporting the HipSupporting the HipSupporting the Hip

Chattanooga Saunders Sully Hip Support includes two straps and a protective, closed-cell foam pad for use with hip pointers or thigh bruises. It is easy to apply and does not require any assistance. One can functionally stabilize, assist or restrict its movements. This hip support is useful for painful hip conditions where both stability and mobility are needed.

Optec Prefab TLC Unisex Hip Abduction Management System comes with pelvic band which is adjustable for hip development and pelvic circumference with quick release buckle closure. Thigh cuff has bivalve design, adjustable to thigh proximal and distal measurements. It has breathable and washable liner that absorbs perspiration and reduces heat build-up.

Posey Hipsters EZ-On Brief with Removable Standard Pad has high impact-absorbing viscoelastic pad that help to protect hip bones against injury from falls. The soft, comfortable pad helps to improve compliance versus hard-shell product and discreet, low-profile is virtually undetectable under clothing. It features a crotch less design that allows patients to wear their own undergarments.

Safe Hip AirX Hip Protector For Female is an evidence-based, clinical and economic hip fracture prevention solution designed to reduce the incidence of hip fractures. It features a unique horseshoe-shaped hip shield that incorporates AirX spacer fabric to protect the hip from lateral falls. Can be worn over underwear or as a stand alone undergarment and used with sanitary pads for light incontinence.


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