Preventing Fall Injuries

Preventing Fall Injuries

Fall injuries are a major health issue especially for senior citizens and small children. Certain medical conditions, age and gender can affect the type and severity of fall injuries. The probability is high that some people may suffer from minor or major injuries as they find it difficult to maintain balance.

It can be a daunting task to reduce the risk from falling and getting injured. It can sometimes be very hard to keep up with kids as keeping an eye on them is not possible all the time. Some seniors have fragile health and they require some special assistance. Even professional caregivers would find it hard if a person is at falling risk all the time. The way to deal with such situation is to plan the right course of action.



Follow these effective tips to avoid fall injuries and save your dear 

  • Have a regular appointment with medical practitioner

    Feel free to tell the medical practitioner about the undergoing medication whether it is over the counter or prescribed. The possibility is that he/she may suggest stop taking certain medication that, as a side effect, is affecting the body’s balance and causing fall. Take further recommendations for replacement of stopped medication.
  • Physical Exercise

    Performing mild exercises daily have several benefits, but overdoing it may cause some severe issues. Prefer a gentle physical activity over vigorous physical workouts. This will help in regaining flexibility, balance and strength thereby reducing the possibility of fall injury.
  • Prefer wearing right footwear

    Wearing comfortable and right footwear reduces the chance of injuries by falling and losing balancing. Choose a foot-wear that fits comfortably without heels. Footwear with better grip can offer extra support. For instance Posey Fall Management Slippers are ideal for people requiring non-skid footwear to help prevent falls. The ribbed latex-free rubber sole ensures a firm grip for ambulating and walking, while the soft terrycloth upper provides comfort and warmth. Bright colors allow hospital personnel to easily identify high fall risk patients.


  • Walking canes

    People with physical disabilities may find walking canes to be very supportive. They help in maintaining balance and offers support to muscle and joints. Like Alex Orthopedic Designer Travel Folding Cane With Slim Line Handle is durable, lightweight cane with a derby style handle sized for a women’s smaller hand. It features push button height adjustments in one-inch increments, solid wood formed to fit the hand comfortably and double cord system.

    There are many other non-slip accessories available at that assist in preventing fall management. Call 911 immediately in case of emergency.


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