What is iontophoresis?

Scientifically speaking, iontophoresis is a process in which ions diffuse in a medium driven by an applied electric field. These phenomena, directly and indirectly, constitute active transport of matter due to an applied electric field.

What are the therapeutic effects?

Therapeutically, this process is a bit complicated than other therapies as it requires a basic knowledge of chemicals and electricity. In this therapy, a dermal patch drives a charged substance, usually a medication or bioactive agent, transdermally by repulsive electromotive force, through the skin. A small electric current is applied to an iontophoretic chamber placed on the skin, containing a charged active agent and it’s solvent. Another chamber or a skin electrode carries the return current. One or two chambers are filled with a solution containing an active ingredient and its solvent vehicle. The positively charged chamber, called the anode, will repel a positively charged chemical species, whereas the negatively charged chamber, called the cathode, will repel a negatively charged species into the skin.

When is it used?

Iontophoresis is used in a number of treatment procedures. The health effects include:

  • It decreases inflammation
  • It decreases pain in joints
  • It decreases muscles spasms.
  • It decreases swelling and oedema.
  • Reduces the excessive calcium deposits in the body.
  • Helps in managing scar tissues.

What are the mediums of this therapy?

There are iontophoretic devices that deliver the effective therapy to the required parts of the body. They involve a delivery unit and a set of electrodes as well as the medications.

What are my options?


ActivaDose II Iontophoresis Delivery Unit is a solid state, microprocessor controlled device utilized to administer soluble salts or other drugs. The microprocessor performs several safety tests continually from the time of power on and other safety tests depending upon the mode of operation.

ActivaPatch Buffered Electronic Iontophoresis Drug Delivery System is a disposable, single use, non-invasive iontophoretic drug delivery system that utilizes a microprocessor to deliver 40 or 80mA per minute doses of a negatively-charged ionic medicament. It is indicated for the local administration of ionic solutions into the body for medical purposes and as an alternative to hypodermic injection.

IOMED OptimA Iontophoresis Disposable Electrodes are single use electrodes for various treatment sites. PH defining agent adjusts pH to optimize transport when using a carbon conductive element while the pH buffering agent maintains ideal pH. These disposable electrodes feature viscosity enhancing element that creates uniform current distribution for greater patient comfort. Adhesive foam stretches and adheres well when under stress. As a result less skin irritation and optimum drug transport.

Trivarion Buffered Iontophoresis Drug Delivery Electrode delivers ions with a precise pH balance up to 80mA per minute. It has unique design that conforms extremely well to uneven treatment sites including elbow, wrist, Achilles tendon, shoulders, knees, fingers and knuckles. Low impedance of the active electrode and large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and improves patient comfort.


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