A Guide to Emergency Evacuation Chair

 Emergency Evacuation Chair

Rapid global urbanization has changed the city skyline which is marred with multi-storied buildings and skyscrapers. The structures of these buildings have brought many challenges to the fore, and one of them is to ensure safe and quick evacuation during emergencies when the elevators are not functioning, especially for the physically impaired.

Emergency evacuation chair or the emergency stairway evacuation chair is a rescue chair, designed and modified to glide down the staircase, and is operated by a trained individual. It eliminates the requirement of manual handling and does not involve physical strength or heavy lifting by the operator. The rescue chair facilitates injury-free descent and assists in quick and safe removal of people who are stranded and unable to escape on their own.

The evacuation chairs are specially used for swift and safe evacuation during emergency events like fires, medical responses, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and extended breakdown of power supply in residential or commercial premises like hotels, hospitals, cinemas, stadiums and schools. In such dire situations when the elevators are grounded, people who are unable to navigate the stairs safely get stuck.Using these chairs, physically challenged, people with back injuries, asthma or any type of heart conditions, pregnant ladies and patients are speedily evacuated.

 Emergency Evacuation Chair

The best evacuation chairs are lightweight and safe, combining ease of use with passenger comfort. They are compact and foldable for easy storage. The Emergency Stair Travel devices come in various designs and models, with different weight capacities, sizes and ergonomic designs and with dual seating position for passenger comfort. For aircrafts and other modes of transports, there are lightweight narrow aisle chairs permitting movement during flights.
Like the fire alarms and fire hydrants, the evacuation chair has become an integral part of the evacuation plan in ensuring the safety of the occupants.


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