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Articles of August,2021

Three Wheels or Four: Which Rollator Is Right for You?

Posted on Aug 19, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

For those who opt for a rollator, choosing the right one makes all the difference. At HPFY, we help you choose between 3 wheels or 4 wheel rollators. Learn more

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Preparing For Mastectomy: A Pre-mastectomy Checklist

Posted on Aug 19, 2021 by HPFY

Before going under mastectomy surgery, a woman needs to be ready psychologically, physically, and financially. At Health Products For You, we are with you to ease your journey from mastectomy surgery to healing.

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What Is A Peak Flow Meter And Who Needs One?

Posted on Aug 14, 2021 by Laura Castricone

A peak flow meter is a very inexpensive tool to help a person who suffers from asthma, COPD, or other lung disease(s) to monitor their lung function, specifically peak flows.Consider adding a peak flow meter to your daily routine if you have asthma, emphysema, or another chronic lung disease.

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The Five Stages of Parkinson’s Disease

Posted on Aug 12, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

Understanding the 5 stages of Parkinson’s Disease can help with early detection and treatment and Health Products for You can help.

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Colostomy Irrigation Is it Right for You ?

Posted on Aug 09, 2021 by Christine Kijek

Irrigation works very much like an enema. Water is instilled into the large intestine via the stoma. This flushes out waste from the colon. Learn more @ HPFY.

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Urinary Incontinence and Excess Weight

Posted on Aug 03, 2021 by Christine Kijek

Studies show that obesity has a positive association with urinary incontinence (UI). Urinary incontinence affects about 50% of middle-aged and older women.Obesity can create chronic strain on the bladder, stretch and weaken the nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor which contributes to UI. Learn More about it @HPFY

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