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Articles of January,2014

Treatments for Venous Ulcers

Posted on Jan 06, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

Venous ulcer is a skin ulcer caused by improper blood circulation in the legs. Venous ulcers are located on the sides of the leg, usually above the ankle and below the calf. These shallow wounds are caused by leg veins not returning blood to the heart properly.

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Types of Scars and Treatments

Posted on Jan 06, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It performs many functions, but the most important one is keeping organisms from entering our body. Just about every person has injured their skin at one time or another. Depending on these injuries, a scar can be left behind.

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Sling Buyer's Guide

Posted on Jan 02, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

A safe patient transfer requires two things, a patient lift and a sling. There are many variations of slings, all dependent upon a patient’s needs. These slings cradle and lift a person during a transfer between a bed, wheelchair, or commode/shower chair.

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