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Hearing loss is usually the result of inner ear or nerve damage that occurs due to aging and exposure to loud noises. This deficiency is common in children too due to hereditary problems, ear injuries etc. We at HPFY have hearing aids that are discrete and very effective, with many options to fit your lifestyle. They are designed to help you hear louder and clearer. Hearing aids help alleviate the effects of hearing loss.

Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Causes of Hearing Loss

There are numerous causes but some of the common causes are:

Aids for Managing Hearing Loss

People suffering from hearing loss or hearing impairment face a lot of difficulties in executing daily functions and so hearing aids are an important tool to help such individuals. There are a wide range of hearing aids depending on the need of the user:

Amplified Phones Amplified phones are designed to cope with the hearing loss by increasing the volume of the phone as well as amplifying the sound of the ringer. They come with different features like caller ID, speaker phones, number memory, big buttons, and loud volume. The come with exceptional volume control.

Signaling Devices Signaling devices are used to notify people with hearing impairments or hearing loss about things happening around them. Sometimes there are small sounds that notify a person about things such as phone calls, baby cries, doorbells, creaking or broken furniture, etc. But people with hearing loss find it difficult to notice these sounds and so signally devices amplify the sounds or notify the person about something around them.

Telecommunication Devices – In many cases, people with hearing loss or impairment cannot hear amplified sound of the phones. For them, telecommunication devices can be of great help. Using a simple TTY technology, they are of great communication aid for people with hearing loss.

Vibrating Alarms – Since people with hearing loss can often miss a sounding alarm, a vibrating alarm is a necessity. Their primary function is to alert or remind people of something at the right time. Vibrating alarms are made with a combination of features to ensure that they deliver efficiently.

Amplifiers Amplifiers are pocket devices that help a person hear sounds and noises around them. They have a mike attached to a device that amplifies and projects sound via headphones or a speaker. One can listen to a varied frequency sounds using amplifiers which enhance the hearing experience of the users.

Earphones & Headphones Earphones and headphones can be used as the perfect audio output devices for people with hearing loss. They can be attached to an amplifier, an ipod, a phone, or to any device that can be connected to for audio output. They are designed with multiple features that enhance the hearing experience of an individual.

Other Hearing Aids Other hearing aids include a wide range of connectors, audio aid cleaning devices, handset amplifiers, neckloops, earplugs, etc.

Preventing Hearing Loss?

We can prevent the risk of hearing loss by just following some basic steps:

Where to Buy Hearing Loss Aids Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of aids for hearing loss from top selling brands such as Harris Communications, Marpac, Bellman & Symfon AB, and many more at attractive prices.
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