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Hearing Amplifiers are electronic devices that increase the amplitude of sound. They magnify sound and greatly enhance the hearing experience of users. Sound amplifiers for hearing impaired take the sound, process it digitally and provide it to ears. By using these devices, users can hear sounds of all frequencies which they were previously unable to hear. Hearing amplifiers are used for different types of hearing disabilities and listening situations. Health Products For You provides a wide range of hearing loss amplifiers from top selling manufacturers like William Sound, Bellman and Symfon, Serene Innovations, Harris Communications, etc.

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Types of Amplifiers

Health Products For You offers a wide assortment of hearing amplifiers which include personal amplifiers, TV amplifiers, telephone amplifiers and audio amplifiers.

  • Personal Amplifiers: Personal hearing amplifiers are used by individuals with hearing disabilities to hear better in one-to-one conversations and small group settings. 
  • TV Amplifiers: TV amplifiers are designed for individuals who suffer from hearing loss. They allow the users to listen to TV and also enjoy late night TV without disturbing anybody. 
  • Telephone Amplifiers: Telephone amplifiers work with the existing telephones to improve the sound quality user hears. These devices work with different types of phones, including corded phones, business phones and portable phones. 
  • Audio Amplifiers: Audio amplifiers use digital technology to help users in figuring out speech and music in various listening situations. They are usually flexible and easy to use devices with clear indications and tactile controls.

How do Hearing Amplifiers work?

  • Input: Hearing amplifiers are small enough to comfortably fit behind the ear. They pick up the surrounding noise and feed it for processing.
  • Processing: Amplifiers use digital technology to process the sound. They enhance the amplitude of sound so that it is easier for the user to hear it. 
  • Output: Hearing loss amplifiers enhance sound across the whole spectrum and provide it to ears for decision making.