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PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System


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Hearing Aid Cleaning System

PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System is a patented innovation specifically developed for the safe and effective earwax removal, cleaning, and drying of all types of hearing systems. Simply place your hearing aids in the PerfectClean, and after 1 hour, they will be completely cleaned, disinfected and dried. This system works with a refill solution that disinfects and removes earwax, which is amplified thanks to the Vortex Power of the system.

What PerfectClean Hearing Aid System Includes

  • 1 PerfectClean
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 mains adapter
  • 1 User manual

PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System Features

  • Forced-air drying system featuring a self-regulated temperature, extraction of moisture, controlled ventilation and consistent air flow
  • Antibacterial solution disinfects and removes additional earwax
  • UV-C light completely disinfects hearing aids
  • Helps to prevent irritation 
  • Maintains optimal performance of hearing devices
  • One-touch button begins the full cycle (60 minutes) with automatic shut-off
  • Uses Antibacterial Cleaning Solution cartridges, which last for 45 cycles

What to buy with Hearing Aid Cleaning System

How to use PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System?

  1. Plug in the PerfectClean. The blue indicator lights to show that it is powered on.Before first use, make sure to refill the PerfectClean(completely empty the refill), otherwise the cycle will not start. For more information, please refer to the refill instructions.
  2. Open the battery compartment (the batteries can remain in their housing), place the hearing aids into the box, placing the tips in the two holes provided. Close the cover.
  3. Press the touch button once to start the cycle (the pink flashing indicator means the request has been taken into account). The blue indicator flashes slowly, indicating that the box is running. The cycle will only run if the cover is closed. The PerfectClean stops automatically at the end of the cleaning cycle (90 minutes). The indicator turns off.

How PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System Works?

  • Cleaning - Bactericidal (20 minutes)
  • The PerfectClean cleans hearing aids using an anti-bacterial solution. The elimination of cerumen and impurities is optimised by the Power Vortex.
  • Drying (65 minutes)
  • The PerfectClean has a ventilator-driven pulsed air drying system. The care chamber temperature is controlled by an electronic system in order to obtain a maximum temperature of 45°C whatever the room temperature, thereby preventing damage to the hearing aids.
  • UV-C disinfection (5 minutes)
  • The PerfectClean has a short-wave UV-C lamp to clean the hearing aids. The exposure of surfaces to UV-C light eliminates over 99% of fungi and bacteria.

Handling instructions

  • Only refill the PerfectClean when the refill indicator is on.
  • Use the full refill. Make sure the cover is closed before starting the cycle, otherwise the PerfectClean will not start.
  • Do not open the cover if the PerfectClean is running.
  • When the cycle is complete, the PerfectClean indicators turn off automatically.

Emptying (to travel or transport)

  1. Place the PerfectClean on its front face (the side with the start button).
  2. Remove the filter cap by pivoting it to the left to the position.
  3. Put the PerfectClean flat over a sink to drain the remaining liquid.
  4. Refit the cap in the position and then turn it to the right to the position.

In order to maintain optimum hearing aid quality, the daily use of the PerfectClean is recommended.

How to clean PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

  • Remove the filter cap It is important to place the PerfectClean on its front side (with the start button) to prevent any fluid flow. Rotate the cap to the left, from the position to the position.
  • Clean the filter cap
    • Option A For a little dirty filter: clean it with warm water.
    • Option B For a very dirty filter: clean it with a cleaning tablet (20 minutes in a glass) and then rinse it with warm water.


Safety instructions

  • The PerfectClean must be used by persons in full possession of their mental capacities.
  • However there are no applicable restrictions as to the user. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Any work, other than cleaning and routine care by the client, must be carried out by the manufacturer’s customer service or by an approved professional.
  • Do not place the PerfectClean, the power supply cable or the plug in water or any other liquid.
  • If the power supply cable or the plug are damaged, do not use the device and replace them immediately.
  • Replace your mains adapter with an original model. Place the PerfectCleanon a flat, dry and stable surface. Never tip or overturn the PerfectClean, even when it is not running.
  • Do not directly look at the UV-C lamp located in the drying chamber. When disconnecting, pull the plug and not the cable.
  • Never use detergent or corrosive products to clean your PerfectClean. Failure to follow these instructions will void the guarantee.
  • The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect use or handling.

Product Care Advice

  • Clean using a soft cloth. Do not clean the PerfectClean using abrasive products.
  • Do not spray liquids into the device.
  • Keep the PerfectClean closed when not in use to avoid impurities from being deposited.

PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System Instruction Manual



Hearing Aid Cleaning System Specifications

Specifications Particulars
Internal size (lxwxd) 71x18x87 mm
External size (lxwxd) 106x68x122 mm
Weight (g) 400g
UV lamp 253.7nm
Max. power 4W
Standby power 0.04w
Software ØØ PC-LOG-02.00
Storage conditions from -20°C to +65°C
Number of cycles 1
Drying temperature 45° C
Cycle duration 90’
Operating temperature From 12°C to 40°C
Power Supply  
Input 100-240Vac 50-60Hz
Output 5Vdc
Connectors USB - micro USB cable



Three year warranty

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