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Shweta Chaubey, has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2021. An advocate-turned-writer, her desire to create meaningful and positive content has brought her to HPFY and what better than writing for a health and wellness website, we don’t say it, she does!

She believes in the tenants of hard work, honesty, and being humble in all she does. She dreams of becoming an administrative officer and truly making a difference in people’s lives.


Wound Management

Yellow Scab on Wound - What Does It Mean?

Shweta Chaubey Oct 09, 2023

A yellow scab on wound may not always indicate that something is wrong. Read this article to learn all about infected scabs & how to treat them.

Intermittent Catheters

Hydrophilic Catheters for Intermittent Catheterization

Shweta Chaubey Oct 09, 2023

A hydrophilic catheter, also known as a no-touch catheter. Learn all about hydrophilic coated catheters for intermittent catheterization.

Incontinence Guide

7 Urinary Incontinence Treatments for Women

Shweta Chaubey Oct 10, 2023

Incontinence is more common in women than men and can significantly affect one's quality of life. Here are 7 urinary incontinence treatments for women that are worth a shot. READ MORE.

Bath Aids

7 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls for Bedridden Patients

Shweta Chaubey Oct 12, 2023

An inflatable hair-washing sink is as important as shampoo and body wash in your bathroom, but finding the right one is equally confusing. Well, not anymore. HPFY is here with its seven top portable shampoo bowls.

Peak Flow Meters/Spirometers

7 Best Peak Flow Meters for Monitoring Lung Function

Shweta Chaubey Oct 12, 2023

If you are dealing with a chronic lung disorder such as COPD or asthma, peak flow meters can greatly help. Many doctors and respiratory therapists recommend these portable devices as part of the elaborate respiratory treatment plan. To help you find the right one, here are the top picks compiled in a list. READ MORE.

Health & Wellness Guide

10 Interesting Fun Facts About the Digestive System

Shweta Chaubey Oct 16, 2023

Human bodies are intriguing. One such body part that does more than it is credited for is the digestive system. Here are 10 interesting facts about the digestive system that you probably didn't know. READ MORE.

Wound Management

Managing MASD Wound: Tips to Deal with Moisture Associated Skin Damage

Shweta Chaubey Oct 17, 2023

Management of MASD wound is essential to expedite wound healing and prevent reinjury to the wound site. Here is how to manage moisture wounds. READ MORE.


10 Best Disposable Bed Pads for Incontinence

Shweta Chaubey Oct 19, 2023

Living with incontinence is hard, especially at night. Even if you use adult diapers for diarrhea or urine leakage, wetness can still trouble your sleep. Whether you're a caregiver or dealing with incontinence yourself, the right disposable bed pad can make a world of difference. Here is a list of the ten best disposable bed pads for you to choose from. READ MORE.

Health & Wellness Guide

Motion Sickness: 7 Things to Pack When Traveling

Shweta Chaubey Oct 19, 2023

Motion sickness can damper travel plans, whether going on a road trip, airplane, or cruise. If you were wondering what helps with motion sickness, here is a list of essentials to pack in your travel kit. These items can help you alleviate motion sickness symptoms and enjoy your travels. READ MORE.

Massage Therapy

5 Best Foot Massagers for a Pain-Free Life

Shweta Chaubey Oct 19, 2023

Choosing the type of foot massager that suits your preferences and addresses your specific needs is essential. Additionally, if you have underlying medical conditions or concerns about using a foot massager, you should consult with your doctor. To help you figure out which one to choose. Here is a list of the 5 best foot massagers. READ MORE.

Health Care for Women

5 Best Products for Vaginal Health

Shweta Chaubey Oct 20, 2023

If you have not already, it is about time you invested some time and energy in revitalizing your femininity. Here is a list of the best products for vaginal health that you must consider buying for a healthy and happy vagina. READ MORE.

Wound Preps

5 Best Wound Closure Strips for Lesser Chances of Scarring

Shweta Chaubey Oct 25, 2023

Wound closure strips are non-invasive thin bandages and reduce the chances of bacteria creeping into the wound. Here are 5 of our best-selling steri strips for wound closure you can pick from. READ MORE.