Home Remedies For Healthy Living

Home Remedies For Healthy Living

We all want to stay healthy in the most natural way and the easiest way is to look closely into your kitchen. There are many indegriendts that can affect our bodies in a positive way and you will be amazed to know their great benefits to our health.


Home Remedies For Healthy Living

People consume potato in the form of French fries, chips and even baked potatoes are loaded with melted cheese, butter and other fats. If all these fat toppings are removed, potatoes can be a lot beneficial.

  1. Kukoamines compound found in potato can contribute in lowering blood-pressure.
  2. Minerals in potato help in keeping bone structure strong.
  3.  Potato has significant amount of fiber and other nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B-6 along with low cholesterol to keep our heart healthy.
  4. You can greatly reduce chronic inflammation by consuming potatoes as it contains choline which is anti-inflammatory.
  5. Potatoes, being rich in Vitamin C, help promote healthy skin.


Home Remedies For Healthy LivingGinger

  1. The anti-blood-clotting ability of ginger prevents heart-attacks.
  2. Ginger has been an effective digestive aids that prevents indigestion and severe morning sickness.
  3. Regular intake of ginger prevents malabsorption and reduces nutrient deficiency.
  4. Combine ginger oil with eucalyptus oil is good for respiratory system and boost immunity.
  5. The extract of ginger is a proven cure for fungal infection.


Home Remedies For Healthy Living


  1. Potassium content in cherries helps in lowering blood pressure by eliminating excess sodium.
  2. Take cherry juice before sleeping and you will have a good night sleep.
  3. Eating cherries will give you the feeling of fullness and help reducing weight.
  4. Cyanidin, a flavonoid, in cherries has anti-oxidant properties that helps in fighting against cancer cell.
  5. Consuming cherries is known to be highly effective in arthritis pain relief.


Home Remedies For Healthy LivingCoffee

  1. Caffeine in coffee is a strong stimulant that helps in increasing energy level and makes you feel energetic.
  2. Several studies have proved that regular intake of coffee helps in fat loss, thereby reducing unwanted weight.
  3. Coffee improves physical performance by boosting adrenaline level.
  4. Regularly drinking coffee can significantly lower the risk of getting type II diabetes.
  5. Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee can lower the risk of depression by 20%.


Home Remedies For Healthy LivingTomatoes

  1. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, consume it regularly to get strong and shiny hair.
  2.  Some studies have revealed that eating tomatoes with seed reduces the chances of kidney stones.
  3. Tomatoes are great for eyes as well. They even prevent the development of night blindness.
  4. Consume tomato regularly and the mineral, chromium, will keep sugar level under control (for diabetes).
  5. Drink 2 cups of tomato juice a day and it’ll improve skin texture.


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