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The benefits of sports activities are often accompanied by risk of injuries. Traumatic and overuse injuries are commonly seen in young athletes. Sprains, strains or fractures may occur while playing due to excess stress on tendons, bones, joints and muscles. Pains and aches in any part of the body must not be taken lightly as it may worsen over time causing permanent damage. Strains are muscle injuries that cause pain and inflammation due to a pulled or torn muscle. A sprain is caused due to a torn ligament as a result of a trauma or if the joint is used beyond capacity. HPFY has a collection of quality products from best manufacturers including BSN Medical, Bodysport, Core Products and many more at attractive prices.

Precautions to be Taken while Playing

  • Athletes must take some time off from training for at least a week or a month per year to allow the body to recover from the stress  

  • The right sports gear is necessary to prevent most injuries. Properly fitting equipment and pads for neck, shoulder, elbow, chest and knees must be used during the sport

  • Exercise care while performing dangerous activities as even with the right protective gear you are at risk of injuries

  • Perform muscle strengthening exercises during practice sessions 

  • Stretch the muscles and warm up before starting the sports activity. Make sure to use the correct technique during playing 

  • Even if you experience a little pain treat it before it gets worse. Do not continue playing with the injury as it may result in an overuse injury  

  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after playing to reduce heat illnesses. Wear light breathable clothing in hot and humid climates 

  • If using a trampoline, only one person must jump at a time. Most injuries on trampoline occurs due to collision with your partner

HPFY brings to you a range of products for prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Try the Aircast Sport Stirrup Ankle Brace of immobilizing the brace in case of an ankle injury or pain. The Armor1 Ankle Roll Guard For Ankle Sprains prevents the ankle from getting injured or sprained. Tennis elbow braces like AT Surgical Tennis Elbow Brace With Adjustable Velcro Closure help in preventing a tennis elbow injury if you have a history for the same. Body Sport 24 Inches Long Cervical Collar is best for prevention and treatment of neck injuries or jerks.