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Massage Table Accessories at HPFY

Massage therapy's primary goal is to alleviate client discomfort and increase relaxation. The massage table accessories complement a massage table for enhanced customer comfort and assist the therapist in providing a better massaging experience. Having the right massage table accessories can make a remarkable difference to the client and the massage therapist.

Health Products For You brings an assortment of massage table accessories that offer an uplifting experience to the client. Check out face and armrests, bolsters, covers, stools, face crescents, anti-slip pads, table warmers, sheets, hammocks, etc., required for massage tables and get great discounts.

1. Face cradle

Face cradle pillow offers the most comfortable face-down position during massage. A face cradle is a cushion that has a U-shaped opening that accommodates someone's face while they lie stomach-down on the massage table. Some face cradle cushions come with a pair of rods designed to be attached to the massage table. These cushions are adjustable allowing the therapist to create a comfortable angle for the client's head. Additionally, the rods can be adjusted to move the face cradle closer to or farther away from the massage table. The face cradle can be removed and set aside if not needed.

Boiance Face Cradle Pillow's revolutionary design makes it one of the most comfortable massage table accessories. The union of ultra-comfortable padding and water spheres combine to deliver the client an amazing feeling of comfort and relaxation.

2. Stabilization strap

A stabilization strap is used to secure and stabilize the hip, pelvis, and other body parts during physical therapy treatments. The therapist can use the straps to perform manual manipulation to improve the range of motion. The straps are wide and great for the isolation and mobilization of body parts during therapy. They also help in achieving optimum stretch of the fascial system during deep tissue sports massage.

Oakworks Stabilization Strap offers more surface area for client comfort.

3. Massage Table Carry Case and Cart

The carry case typically accommodates a portable massage table. It has big pockets to store necessary accessories and has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows carrying the massage table anywhere. They come in different sizes.

The Essential Carry Case is made of durable nylon material that protects the massage table during transport. Try the Oakworks Table Cart that makes the portability of the massage table even easier.

4. Bolsters, wedges, cushions, pads, body positioning system

Massage bolsters, wedges, cushions, pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These are must-have massage table accessories that give superior positioning capability to the therapist and maximum client comfort.

Core Massage and Therapy Body Positioning System provides superior face-down comfort, and the three-piece system can be arranged to accommodate all body types.

5. Armrest

The armrest hangs under the massage table surface up at the table's head. It supports the client's arms when faced down in the prone position. Clients can keep their arms comfortably in the sling instead of placing the arms at their side or hanging down off the table.

Oakworks Arm Hammock will easily attach to any face platform, making it the perfect table accessory.

Where To Buy Massage Table Accessories Online?

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of superior quality massage table accessories that provide the best massage experience to the therapist and the client. These accessories are from trusted manufacturers like Oakworks, Bodymed, Chattanooga, and more.

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