Massage Cushions

Massage cushions are used along with massage therapy to provide you with the ultimate comfort and relaxation that you desire after a hard day at work or while working. At HPFY we have a specially assorted range of massage cushions. People who spend a lot of time with their keyboard may develop certain hand issues if not cared for. For such people we have key board and mouse cushions that provide the required padding to their wrist. These cushions help in preventing wrist disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome that occurs from repetitive wrist motion while using the keyboard or mouse.

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Available Massage Cushions

We also have cushioning products for professional massage tables. Face cushions and covers are available to position the face of the client while performing back massage. Massage chair pads are also available. These pads are electrically operated and provides a complete body massage. Chair pads are designed with special contours to provide a relaxing massage to the whole body. Some massage chair pads also have a heating mechanism to aid pain relief. These pads can be placed on any standard chair and do not require any special space for storage like bulky massage chairs. Massage chair pads can be used at home or in offices on your office chair. They are portable and convenient to use. Enjoy a nice massage anywhere without waiting for professional massage appointments. 

Choose from a variety of high quality products from best manufacturers including Brown Medical, Core Products, Conair Corporation and many more at attractive prices and hearty discounts on HPFY!