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Massage Tables provide a comfortable surface for the client to lay on. These tables are adjustable and come with padding on the top for comfort. The top padding is made up of foam topped with a spill-proof cover. Massage tables are foldable for convenient storage. Some massage tables come with multiple adjustments like elevating head sections or mid-section. The frame of these tables is made up of sturdy materials to accommodate the weight of the client with ease. Massage tables are durable and work just fine if properly cared for.

How to care for your massage table?

It is important to maintain the condition of your massage table to keep it going and also a massage table is a part of the soothing environment that you create for the client. So it is necessary to keep it clean.

  1. Wash your table with soap and water after each massage to prevent the germs of one client from passing on to others. 

  2. Then clean the tabletop with a non-alcoholic cleanser to remove any spillages during the previous treatment.

  3. If you use any type of table warmers make sure you remove them once a day and clean the table.

  4. Also always check the frame, nuts, bolts, and knobs of the table. If you find any abnormality correct it right away. Such a practice will prolong the lifetime of your massage table.

Where to buy best massage tables?

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