Roll-A-Ramp 26-Inch Wide Portable Ramp

Roll-A-Ramp 26-Inch Wide Portable Ramp

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Roll-A-Ramp 26-Inch Wide Portable Ramp is the most portable, versatile ramp which is great for use as a wheelchair ramp and scooter ramp for users who want an option to expensive chair lifts, permanent ramps or conversion vans. It has patented unique design construction, allowing to change the length with simple tools provided with ramp by simply adding additional links.

Why to buy Roll-A-Ramp Portable Ramp?

  • Strong and has lightweight aircraft aluminum construction 
  • Traction and safety in any weather 
  • For public applications or larger chairs 
  • Rolls up for easy storage and transport

Support stands are REQUIRED for ramps over 12" in length and are suggested every 8 ft.

To determine Roll-A-Ramp length Click Here.

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Item #DescPkg Price 
A12602A19 3ft L x 26"W Each $46.95
A12603A19 4ft L x 26"W Each $61.50
A12604A19 5ft L x 26"W Each $73.95
A12605A19 6ft L x 26"W Each $86.40
A12606A19 7ft L x 26"W Each $98.55
A12607A19 8ft L x 26"W Each $115.50
A12608A19 9ft L x 26"W Each $127.50
A12609A19 10ft L x 26"W Each $150.00
A12610A19 11ft L x 26"W Each $157.50
A12611A19 12ft L x 26"W Each $174.00
A12612A19 13ft L x 26"W Each $178.50
A12613A19 14ft L x 26"W Each $195.00
A12614A19 15ft L x 26"W Each $207.00
A12615A19 16ft L x 26"W Each $223.50
A12616A19 17ft L x 26"W Each $235.50
A12617A19 18ft L x 26"W Each $255.00
A12618A19 19ft L x 26"W Each $270.00
A12619A19 20ft L x 26"W Each $279.00

Wide Portable Ramp Features

  • Allows access to vehicle and can transfer to an entry ramp for your house in minutes
  • Portable Ramp includes angled approach plates on each end for smooth entry and exit
  • Safe to use with built-in side rails
  • Carrying strap included
  • Roll-A-Ramp is compatible with:
    • Manual wheelchairs
    • Power chairs
    • Scooters
    • 3-wheel scooters
    • Walkers and bariatric chairs

Where to use Roll-A-Ramp?

  • Homes / Apartments
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Airplanes
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Appointments
  • Temporary ramp
  • Note: Additional links are not included with ramp

  • What to buy with Roll-A-Ramp?

    How to use Roll-A-Ramp?

    • To use Roll-A-Ramp, lay the rolled-up ramp on its side, remove the strap, and then unroll the ramp to its full length before putting it in place
    • To roll up the ramp, reverse the process, snap on the strap, and go
    • Yellow pinch point covers are secured to the head of each bolt and are designed to keep the fingers out of the pinch zone and must be on at all times
    • Do not use your ramp without all Pinch Point Covers in place
    • Never tamper with or remove these covers for any reason as injury may occur

    Ramp Placement:
    • To ensure safety and to prevent damage to ramp, one must place the first load-bearing link of the elevated end of the ramp on the landing
    • The approach plate is not a load-bearing link
    • Notice that one end of each ramp is marked Upper End
    • This end must always be the elevated end of the ramp
    • The links on the upper end of your Roll-A-Ramp have a 1° Camber and the links on the lower end have a 0°Camber
    • This 0° loft at the lower end of the ramp allows the wheelchair, machine or another device to get on the ramp on a non-arched plane
    • As the wheelchair goes up the Roll-A-Ramp, the arching links allow the user to more easily enter a van, porch, or doorway because of the more favorable approach angle
    • This also ensures clearance for lower devices
    • Again, by placing the ramp with the Upper End at the elevated position, operation will be more favorable

    Changing Ramp Length:
    • Roll-A-Ramp is designed so one may change the length by simply adding additional 1-foot links or removing links
    • This is done by removing the bolt and nut from the link on the lower end and inserting additional 1-foot links as needed
    • Lightweight Roll-A-Ramp rolls up and comes with its own handy strap/handle for convenient carrying and storage. One can configure the Roll-A-Ramp for many different uses. Besides using it as a completely portable ramp system, one can modify the Roll-A-Ramp so that the ramp is rigid or folds in the center for easy mounting into a vehicle. To make the ramp fold in the middle one will want to have two pivot points per single ramp.
    • Versatility To convert the Roll-A-Ramp so that it folds in the middle:
    • Lay the Roll-A-Ramp bottom side up
    • Add washers under nuts where the ramp will be rigid
    • Fully tighten all bolts using the 1/2 (13mm) Wrench and Allen Wrench
    • Do not tighten the bolts at the pivot point
    • One may find that a socket wrench (1/2) works better Ramp

    How to Assemble Roll-A-Ramp?

    1. Remove both sections of the ramp from their individual boxes taking special note of TOP section and BOTTOM section as noted on the boxes.
    2. Identify the Owner Manual and tools to assemble the ramp. Also, identify any accessories ordered with the ramp. The accessories will be included in a separate cardboard box inside one of the sections of the ramp or in the zip-lock bag with the Owner Manual.
    3. Remove zip-ties from the ramp sections and then place the ramp on edge and roll out. Place on a flat surface with the top surface of the ramp down.
    4. Place two sections close together. One section of the ramp will have a bolt, caution cover and nut attached through the bolt holes. Remove this hardware and move the two sections together so that the tabs are overlapping on both sides and the sides of the ramp are even.
    5. Insert bolts with yellow caution cover through both holes. This may take some maneuvering to line up the holes. Put on the nut.
    6. Locate box wrench and Allen wrench from the Owner Manual packet. Use these tools to tighten the connection on the ramp. Do not over-tighten. Position the caution cover over the pinch point on the side of the ramp.

    Roll-A-Ramp Instruction Guides

    26-Inch Portable Ramp Specification

    Product CodeWeight Capacity

    Roll-A-Ramp Warranty

    Full 10-Year warranty on ramps

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    Can I use ramp a12619a19 as a resident ramp 
    Elvis - 5/19/2016 7:53:48 PM
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    Yes, it may be used for residential purposes.
    Customer Care - 5/20/2016 2:17:36 AM
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    Can it be used for an occupied wheelchair?
    Martha Acosta - 4/27/2016 5:45:06 PM
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    Thank you for reaching out to us. The maximum weight capacity of this product is 1000lb.
    Customer Care - 4/28/2016 2:03:19 AM
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    what is the overall size when a 6ft L x 26"W is rolled up for storage?
    polly - 3/3/2016 2:44:43 AM
    answer image
    Thank you for reaching out to us. The information provided by the manufacture says
    Overall Width: 26-5/8"
    Ramp Width: 26"
    Usable Width: 25".
    It weighs 39 lbs
    Customer Care - 3/4/2016 12:07:42 AM
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    How much is 4ft ramp weight when carry?
    Nisa - 11/15/2015 10:41:59 PM
    answer image
    Thank You for reaching out to us. 4Ft ramp weighs 16 pounds. Hope this will help you out.
    Customer Care - 11/16/2015 1:47:37 AM