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UPWalker Lite Walking Aid - Upright Walker

Item # Desc Pkg Price
I100 Standard Walker $17.85
I100 Standard Walker with Luxury Bag, Shopping Bag and Flashlight $17.88

The UPWalker Lite is a lighter weight, smaller profile and lower priced version of the original UPWalker especially well-suited for indoor use. This revolutionary breakthrough in mobility aids allows users to walk upright in a secure and safer posture compared to the traditional walkers and rollators that require users to hunch over. This FSA-approved upright walker is budget-friend and is lightweight, making it easier to lift and transport, while the small size allows easy travel in tighter spaces.

UP-Walker Lite Upright Walker Benefits

  • New lightweight mobility solution designed for daily living
  • 34% lighter and folds easily for easy transporting
  • Supportive upright posture walker
  • Easier handling indoors and tighter spaces
  • Lower-priced, compact design
  • Less pain, more walking comfort
  • Upwalker Light Weight Upright Walker is designed for stability and safety
  • Upright Lite Walker has 300 lbs weight capacity
 UPWalker Lite ISO Certified

What does UPWalker Lite Stand Up Walker include?

Free Accessories Included

Backrest Support

- Detachable backrest provides comfortable support while sitting on the UPWalker Lite walking aid. Backrest may be left permanently on the walker or removed when not in use.

Personal Item Bag

- Accessible polyester bag with fold-over top carries and conveniently stores personal items. It can be attached to either one of the handgrip tubes.

Beverage Holder

- Must-have drink holder attaches to handgrip arm for easy access to the water bottle.

Why choose UP Walker Lite Upright Posture Walker?

  • The UP-Walker Lite is a smaller, lighter, lower upwalker priced version of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use
  • Designed to maneuver in tighter spaces and for users who might be challenged by a heavier standup walking aids
  • Weighing just 15.5 pounds, the UPWalker Lite is easy to lift and transport
  • Increases mobility and independence for the elderly and mobility challenged
  • Enables users to stand upright and look ahead with better support, greater dignity and confidence to remain more active
  • Designed with user convenience in mind and arrives fully assembled so that no more than a few steps are required to open, use and close the stand up straight walker
  • Can be removed from the box, adjusted to the personal desire and used immediately
  • Sturdy frame is made from aluminum alloy and other quality materials including composite plastic and polyurethane
  • Features easily adjustable-height armrests for different user heights
  • Fits easily in the trunk or back seat of most cars
  • Physical therapists often encourage use of the UPWalker rolling walker when assisted mobility is needed
  • Clinical study of LifeWalker technology showed improved posture, safer, more stable feeling, and reduced pain in legs, back, hands and wrists
  • Comes with a convenient, integrated seat
  • Includes a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag

UPWalker Upright Walker Lite Features

Padded Adjustable Height Armrests

Padded Adjustable Height Armrests

Ergonomic Lockable Brakes

Ergonomic Lockable Brakes

Comfortable Fabric Seat & Backrest

Comfortable Fabric Seat & Backrest

Sit-to-Stand Handles

Sit-to-Stand Handles

8-Inch Front Wheels

8-Inch Front Wheels

Sturdy Foldable Frame

Sturdy Foldable Frame

What to buy with Upright Mobility Walker

Along with the above free accessories you can also buy the following optional accessories:

  1. UPWalker Shopping Bag

  2. UPWalker Flashlight Tail Light

  3. UPWalker Luxury Item Bag

  4. UPWalker Cane/Umbrella Holder

How to use UPWalker Lite Standing Walker?

Opening the UPWalker Lite Upright Walker with Seat

  • Place the UPWalker Lite on all four wheels on a level floor.
  • Standing behind the unit, hold each sit-to-stand assist handle and move outward in opposite directions to open frame.
  • Complete the process by pushing downward on the seat until the seat rails sit securely on the frame.

Using the UPWalker Upright Mobility Walker

  • To sit on the seat, set the parking brakes with the UP Walker Lite positioned on a level surface.
  • Sit with legs facing the rear using the sit-to-stand handles for assistance and backrest for support.
  • You may sit with the armrests in either a raised or lowered position depending on your preference.
  • To stand up from the UPWalker Lite, bend forward to where your nose is over your toes and push down (not backward) on the sit-to-stand assist handles.
  • Use the sit-to-stand handles as well when rising up from a chair into the UPWalker.
  • Always have the parking brake engaged when sitting down or standing up from or into the UPWalker.

Folding and Transporting UPWalker for seniors

  • Lower the armrests to the lowest setting.
  • Lift the seat up by the gray seat lift handle and allow the UPWalker to fold in. 
  • Do not lean on or put weight on the seat, armrest or frame while attempting to close the UPWalker Lite.
  • Stand the UPWalker on all four wheels to roll or stow.
  • Removal of the personal item bag and backrest before folding is optional.

UPWalker Lite User Guide

UPWalker Lite Upright Walker Videos Click here to view videos on Upwalker Lite

How is UPWalker Lite better than traditional walker/rollator?

Traditional Walker/RollatorUpWalker
Traditional Walker vs UpwalkerTraditional Walker vs Upwalker
SlouchingEnables users to stand upright with improved posture and dignity
Unstable/Fear of FallingMany users feel safer, more stable and secure
Painful Aches and PainMay reduce pain in back, lower limb joints, hands and wrists
Lack of IndependenceAllows users to be more active and walk farther with less effort

UPWalker vs Imitations

UPWalker is designed from the ground up to be a safer upright posture walker. Unlike imitation rollators with upright arms simply stuck into their existing rollator frame, the Upright walker for seniors offer advanced, patented design for increased stability, comfort and user benefit. Compared to imitation products, the original UPwalker upright walker was designed and backed by an established mobility company in the United States to be safer and more stable than imitations. You get what you pay for, and no upwalker lite price is too high for safeguarding you and your loved ones. In addition to its stability and safety design features, the UPWalker also includes features designed for user comfort and ease of use. Unlike imitation products that come in multiple pieces that need to be assembled, the standup walker comes conveniently pre-assembled so it is ready to use the moment you get it.

Balanced Center of Gravity Design

Designed to position the user mass in the center of the unit, front to back and side to side with user weight directed downward inside the wheels, thereby stabilizing the user when walking or standing. Patented design features of the UPWalker increase stability by positioning the user’s weight inside the wheels instead of on top of the wheels, reducing fall risk. Imitation products position the user mass toward the front of the unit, with hands close to the front wheels creating a forward tip over hazard.

ISO Certification for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Due in part to its unique design, the innovative UPWalker is the only upright walker to receive ISO 11199-3:2005 Certification for both indoor and outdoor use. This certification is awarded according to stringent tests for stability of walking aids with horizontal arm supports. Independent testing of impostures demonstrates a tip over risk.

Industry-Leading UPWalker Walker Outperforms Other Rollator Products

Features Up walker Lite Nova Phoenix Perfect Walker Elenker
Safe Patented Design For Lower Tip Over Risk Yes No No No
ISO Certified for Safe Indoor and Outdoor Use Yes No No No
Seat Does Not Interfere with Walking Yes No No No
Assembly Required? No Yes 20+ min. Yes 20+ min. Yes 20+ min.
Sit-to-Stand Handles Yes Yes No No
Concealed Break Cables Yes No No No
Free Backrest Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Beverage Holder Yes No No No
Free Personal Item Bag Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Accessories Available Yes Yes None None
Lightweight Design 15.5 lbs.
(UPWalker Lite)
+20.5 lbs.
(32% Heavier)
21 lbs.
(35% Heavier)
22 lbs.
(42% Heavier)
User Height Range 4'7" to 5'10" 5'2" to 6'0" 5'0" to 6'0" Up to 6'0"
Lifetime Warranty on Frame Yes No No No

Which UPWalker Stand Up Walker is right for me?

ComparisonUPWalkerUPWalker Lite
Primary UseOutdoorIndoor
Secondary UseIndoorOutdoor
User HeightFrom 4'4" to 6'5"From 4'7" to 5'10"
User Weight110 - 350 poundsUp to 300 pounds
User Fall Risk (Due to health conditions)Yes-
Frail or Weak User-Yes
Lifetime Warranty on Frame (under normal use)YesYes
Free AccessoriesYesYes
Hand Brakes and Parking BrakesYesYes
Comfortable ArmrestsYes
(Extra padded cushion)
Ergonomic Hand-Grips with Full Rotation for Precise AdjustmentYes-
Ergonomic Hand-Grips with 10-degree angle-Yes
Adjustable bar for hand/arm positionYes-
Smaller rear wheels to help maneuver in tight spaces-Yes
Reduced turning radius-Yes
Four 8" wheels - Constructed to handle a variety of outdoor spacesYes-
Weighs under 16 lbs.-Yes
No assembly requiredYesYes
Size optionsSmall, Standard, LargeOne Size
Frame widthSmall: 21.5"
Standard: 23.5"
Large: 25.5"
Unit weight (without accessories)Small: 21 pounds
Standard: 23.5 pounds
Large: 25.5 pounds
15.5 pounds
Wheel sizeFour 8" rubber wheelsTwo 8" rubber wheels in front
Two 8" rubber wheels in rear
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UPWalker Standing Walker FAQ

1. How much does a UPWalker Lite cost?

The current price of the Standard UPWalker I100 is $545. UPWalker cost includes free shipping and several accessories like a personal item bag, a beverage holder, and backrest support, which usually cost over $100.00.

2. How much does the Up-Walker Lite weigh?

The weight of Upright Upwalker Lite is 15.5 pounds. It has a lightweight and compact design as compared to the original upright walker.

3. What does Upright Mobility Walker include?

The UPWalker Lite comes with a beverage holder, a personal item bag, and backrest support for sitting.

4. Is the UPWalker standing walker require any assembly?

No, this Stand up walker comes fully assembled. You can follow a step-by-step user guide to remove it from the box, adjust it to your desire, and use it immediately.

5. Is the UPWalker Lite covered by Medicare?

The UPWalker upright walker is sold as a cash pay product. You would need to check with your insurance provider to pursue reimbursement.

6. Can UPWalker Lite be transported in my car?

Yes, the Upright Walker 34% lighter and folds easily for easy transporting. It fits in the trunk or back seat of most cars.

7. Where is UPWalker Lite made?

The Upright Walker Lite is made by LifeWalker based out of San Diego, California. It was mainly designed to address some of the original UPWalker's criticisms, namely that it was too heavy and bulky for the average senior to use.

8. Does my Flexible Spending or HSA account cover this?

We accept FSA and HSA cards, but it is recommended to consult with the plan administrator to determine the coverage. Medically necessary items are typically covered under FSA and HSA.

More UPWalker Lite FAQ

Upright Lite Walker Specifications

User Height Range4ft 7"-5ft 10" (140-178 cm)
User Weight Capacity300 lbs (136kg)
Length29" (74 cm)
Width24.3" (62 cm)
Armrest Height Range33"-45.5" (84-113 cm)
Seat Width18" (43 cm)
Seat Height From Ground21.5" (54.5 cm)
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height26.75" (68 cm)
Unit Weight15.5 lbs (7 kg)
Wheel Size8" Front; 6" Rear
Folded Length29" (74 cm)
Folded Height40" (101.5 cm)
Folded Width8.5" (21.5cm)

Upright Walker Lite Warranty

The frame of the UPWalker Lite is warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under NORMAL use, for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser when purchased from LifeWalker Mobility Products or an authorized LifeWalker Mobility Products dealer. Accessories and non-durable components such as wheels, brakes, seat, handgrips, and armrests, which are susceptible to normal wear and tear and subject to periodic replacement, are warrantied for six (6) months.


The customer is responsible for shipping back the item in its original packaging. The return is subject to a 15% restocking fee, to be debited from the refund issued.

UpWalkerLite Reviews


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Bianca Reimer     09/13/2021

Recent years i have become much shorter , I need one that will accommodate my height I am currently 4'11 . what would you recommend


Customer Care    09/14/2021

Kindly note that the UPWalker Lite Walking Aid - Upright Walker accommodates a user height range of 4ft-7" to 5ft-10" (140-178 cm).



Clint     05/20/2021

How do I remove the armrests on the upright walker?


Customer Care    05/25/2021

The armrests on the UPWalker Lite toggle into holes, and you can remove them. To transport it, you collapse them to the lowest level. Without the armrests, you would not have brakes and make falling a hazard to be dealt with.



Jennifer     04/15/2021

Is there a return policy.  Not sure that my mom is strong enough to use one


Customer Care    04/20/2021

You can find our return policy under the following link - https://www.healthproductsforyou.com/shopping-terms.html#OrderRETURN-POLICY



nashat ateia     04/12/2021

I am 5 feet 3 inches can I use upwalker?


Customer Care    04/15/2021

Yes. The UPWalker Lite Walking Aid - Upright Walker accommodates a height range of 4ft 7"-5ft 10" (140-178 cm).



Donna     03/06/2021

Where is this made? Thanks


Customer Care    03/08/2021

Thank you for reaching out to us. The UPWalker was developed and designed in the US and is manufactured In China.



Kay Avery     01/26/2021

Do you have to be holding the brake handle constantly while you are turning to sit?


Customer Care    01/28/2021

UPWalker Lite Walking Aid - Upright Walker are designed keeping in mind the safety of the patients. There are brakes which are lockable, so the patient need to pull the brakes just one time.



Candice M Kenny     12/30/2020

Could the seat on this be adjustable so it is more level with the buttocks when standing 
If. Or maybe you can improve the design 


Customer Care    12/31/2020

The seat height is 21.5 inches from the ground.It cannot go above this height. Unfortunately, we re just the retailers of this product so we are unable to make changes



J Schroeder     12/28/2020

My mom has a hard time pulling up from a chair to a standing position.  Will she be able to lift up to the walker? 


Customer Care    12/29/2020

The UPWalker Lite is a smaller and lighter version of the original UPWalker. It is 34% lighter and folds easily for easy transporting. It is designed for stability and safety.



Mary Lou Martin     09/16/2020

Does this work on stone driveways


Customer Care    10/14/2020

The UPWalker Lite is a lighter and smaller model of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use. It is easier to maneuver in tighter spaces, easier to lift and transport better and suited for smaller, frailer users. So yes you can use it on stone driveways.



Judy Peterson     08/18/2020

My husband is 6’8” tall.  Will this walker adjust to someone this height?


Customer Care    08/21/2020

The Height Range of the user for UPWalker Lite Walking Aid - Upright Walker is 4ft 7"-5ft 10" (140-178 cm).


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