Silent Call Legacy Series Sound Monitor Transmitter
Silent Call Legacy Series Sound Monitor Transmitter

Silent Call Legacy Series Sound Monitor Transmitter

  • Made in USA

Silent Call Legacy Series Sound Monitor Transmitter alerts the user to sounds such as a baby cry, a door buzzer, alarm clock and oven timer. It features a delay circuit so that loud sounds that are very brief noises such as a slamming door, will not activate the transmitter even if they are above the detection threshold. When the sound monitor detects a sound that is above its adjustable detection threshold, it sends a signal to any Silent Call Legacy Series receivers (except the Shake-Up).

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SM1005-5 Sound Monitor Transmitter Each $3.00


  • Silent Call Legacy Series Sound Monitor Transmitter includes:
    -1 Legacy Series Sound Monitor 318 MHz Transmitter
    - 2 AAA batteries
    - Product manual
  • Incorporates advanced processing to screen out most false alarms while retaining excellent sound sensitivity
  • Place the Sound Monitor as close to the sound source as possible
  • Also detect a baby crying from several feet away at a minimum
  • Sound Monitor can also usually be placed in a room with normal household sounds including conversations without false alarms
  • Transmission range: Approximately 100 to 500 feet, depending on surrounding conditions and which receiver you are using
  • Battery life (Alkaline): Approximately 1 year, depending on usage

More Information

  • Installation:
    - Remove your Sound Monitor from the packaging
    - Place the Sound Monitor close to the sound source, but not within a babys reach, that you want to monitor, as possible. For example, place it on a dresser next to a babys bed or next to a telephone, alarm clock or apartment doorbell speaker
    - The Sound Monitor can be mounted to any flat surface with the supplied Velcro strips. This step is not necessary if you will be moving the Sound Monitor from location to location
    - Avoid placing the Sound Monitor on a metallic surface. Metal will interfere with the signal transmission and shorten the signal range
    - All Silent Call equipment leaves the factory with the dip switches set to the default address which is 1=off, 2=off, 3=off, 4=on, 5=on. The ON direction is marked on the dip switch with a small arrow. This setting must match the dip switches on your Silent Call Receiver exactly for your equipment to work together. The dip switches are located inside the battery door
    - These settings can be changed if you are using your equipment within range of another Silent Call system, so that the two systems do not interfere with each other. The only rules are do not set your dip switches to the all ON position or the all OFF position and do not change the position of switches 6,7,8 and 9
  • Operation:
    - Slide the on/off switch on the side of the Sound Monitor to the ON position. The LED will flash once to indicate the Sound Monitor is operational
    - Any continuous sound that is loud enough will cause the Sound Monitor to activate and send a signal to any Silent Call receiver (except Shakeup) within the 100-500 foot range depending on which receiver you are using
    - The Sound Monitor is designed so that brief sounds such as door slams, regardless of how loud they are, will not activate the Sound Monitor
    - The Sound Monitor leaves the factory set to 50% sensitivity, which should be adequate for almost all situations. If for some reason the sensitivity needs to be changed, there is an adjustment located behind the battery door. Rotating the adjustment clockwise increases the sensitivity
    - There is a low battery indicator light located on the front on the transmitter. When the battery is low, the Red LED will flash continually to let you know that the batteries will need to be replaced soon


5 year limited warranty

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