Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Brand/Manufacturer: PRECISION MEDICAL, INC


  • Prescription required
  • Made in USA

Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator is designed to provide supplemental oxygen to ambulatory patients requiring oxygen therapy. Whether in the living room, at the park or on a plane, EasyPulse POC can continuously deliver pure oxygen without worrying about running out of oxygen or having to carry heavy tanks around.

Easypulse POC PM4150 Highlights

  • 5L pulse settings utilizing VPSA technology
  • Push Button operation
  • Mode of delivery - Pulsed Dose only
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • FAA approved for use on commercial airlines

Note: Prescription can be emailed or faxed to 1.203.616.2851. To email please: Click Here

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What does EasyPulse PM4150 include?

  • 5-liter portable oxygen concentrator
  • Internal lithium-ion battery
  • AC and DC power supplies
  • Carry bag or backpack
  • Nasal cannula
  • User manual
  • Cords

EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features

  • Perfect for Non-Delivery Oxygen Model: When paired with the EasyFlow5 concentrator, the EasyPulse POC is the perfect product to help you reduce costly cylinder deliveries and allow for your patients ease of mobility at the same time. We have meshed the best of 2 products together, the most used oxygen conserver on the market with an oxygen concentrator to produce the EasyPulse PM4150.
  • CMV Technology: Patented Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) oxygen conserving technology of Precision Medical delivers a consistent amount of oxygen per minute to the patient in the first half of inspiration, regardless of breath rate. The delivered oxygen volume automatically adjusts to the breath rate of patient, maintaining minute volume.
  • Compact and Lightweight: EasyPulse POC is the lightest 5 Liter portable concentrator in the market, weighing only 6.8 pounds in a package that is only 10.1 in high x 6.5 in wide x 4.5 in deep.
  • Easy to Use: It has an easy user interface. Just like the stationary concentrator patients use at home, one knob easily sets the oxygen flow. Unlike many other POCs, there are no confusing electronic controls. An easy to read battery level indicator and an alarm LED are also included.
  • Versatile: It can be used both in and out of the carry bag provided with each unit.
  • Excellent Battery Life: EasyPulse POCs come standard with an internal lithium-ion battery giving you more than 3 hours of freedom to be away from home. By combining the external battery with your portable oxygen concentrator, you can enjoy worry-free oxygen supply for almost 10 hours of battery life. The unit can also be used with the AC cord or with the DC car adapter.
  • Low Maintenance: Only one filter that is easily cleaned by the patient.

EasyPulse Theory of Operation

The EasyPulse POC is intended to provide supplemental oxygen to the ambulatory oxygen patient in the smallest lightest package possible. Utilizing the patented Oxygen Conserving Technology, the EasyPulse POC is a state of the art device, designed to be versatile and reliable.

This oxygen conserving technology delivers a true "pulse" of oxygen within the first 1/3 of the patient inspiration and is unique in several additional ways. A true "pulse" is defined by a high peak flow (4 to 10 LPM) for a very short duration of time (0.2 to 0.4 seconds). It also controls the delivered minute volume which remains consistent between 15 and 35 BPM. The total oxygen volume (delivered minute volume) the patient receives is always the same, as the breath rate of patient decreases the pulse volume increases and conversely when breath rate increases. EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator senses the Inspiratory effort by means of a micro sensor. The sensor signals a micro valve to open for a specific duration based on setting, patient breathe rate and altitude delivering the bolus of oxygen to the patient. This all happens in less than 0.5 seconds. The delivered minute volume is controlled by the setting, the micro valve timing and the patient’s breath rate.

Precision EasyPulse PM4150 Accessories

EasyPulse Manuals

What to buy with Precision Medical Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

How to use EasPOCyPulse ?

  1. Verify battery status (level) prior to each use, charge as necessary.
  2. Connect the end of a standard adult single lumen oxygen nasal cannula with a maximum length of 7 feet (2.1 m) to the POC’s oxygen outlet fitting. To ensure proper device operation, use only an adult single lumen cannula maximum 7 ft (2.1 m).
  3. Place the cannula over your ears and position the prongs in your nose as instructed by your Equipment Provider or cannula manufacturer.
  4. Prior to operation, ensure the inlet and exhaust vents on the POC are clear. Any blockage of the vents can inhibit performance.
  5. Choose a power option: AC Power Adapter, DC Power Adapter or Internal Battery.
  6. Turn “ON” the POC by selecting the setting for your prescribed flow.The setting number will illuminated green when properly selected.
  7. Breathe normally through your nose. A measured pulse of oxygen will be delivered each time the POC senses an inhalation. To show the POC is triggering properly the illuminated setting number will turn off briefly each time it senses an inhalation.
  8. To turn “OFF” the POC, select the “OFF” position.

EasyPulse Certifications:

  • It meets or exceeds the requirements of the Medical Device Directive(MDD), Council Directive 93/42/EEC Concerning Medical Devices, Directive 2007/47/EC of The European Parliament and Council and all applicable design and safety related standards
  • It has been FAA Approved

How to clean EasyPulse PM4150?

  1. The patient should connect to an alternate Oxygen source.
  2. Turn the POC to the “OFF” position.
  3. Unplug the external power source before cleaning.
  4. Clean exterior surfaces of the POC with a cloth dampened with disinfectant solution. Example: Sporicidin Brand Disinfectant Solution.
  5. Allow POC to air dry.
  6. DO NOT place inside carry bag or run the POC until it is thoroughly dry.
  7. When not in use, store the POC in a clean area free from grease, oil and other sources of contamination.

Inlet Filter:
  1. Remove the inlet filter by pulling on the protruding tab.
  2. Wash filter with mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry completely.
  3. Once filter is dry, push the filter back into the case so only the small tab is protruding.

EasyPulse POC Specifications

DimensionsHeight: 10.1" (25.7cm)
Width: 6.5" (16.5cm)
Depth: 4.5" (11.4cm)
WeightUnit Weight: 6.8lb (2.98 kg)
Operating Temperature Range41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Operating Altitude RangeSea Level to 14,000 ft (4267 m)
Storage Temperature-4°F. to 140°F. (-20°C. to 60°C.)
Relative HumidityUp to 95% Non-condensing
Oxygen Concentration87% to 95% on all settings
Oxygen Minute Volume (at sea level)Setting 1: 240 ±15% ml/min
Setting 2: 380 ±15% ml/min
Setting 3: 520 ±15% ml/min
Setting 4: 660 ±15% ml/min
Setting 5: 780 ±15% ml/min
AC Power Adaptor: 100 - 240 VAC (1.0 A @ 120 VAC)
DC Power Adaptor: 11 - 16 VDC (5.0 A @ 120VDC)
Battery Duration at any breath rate (approx)Setting 1: 4.7 hrs.
Setting 2: 3.4 hrs.
Setting 3: 2.7 hrs.
Setting 4: 2.0 hrs.
Setting 5: 1.6 hrs.
Sound (at Setting 2)40.6 dBA
Breath Rate RangeUp to 35 Breaths per Minute
Equipment ClassificationClass II: With Respect to protection from electrical shock
Type BF: Degree of protection against electrical shock
IPX1: Degree of protection against ingress of liquids
CannulaMaximum 7ft (2.1m) long standard adult single lumen nasal cannula
Mode of DeliveryPulsed Dose Only
Trigger Sensitivity0.50 cm H2O Maximum
Trigger Delay0.11 seconds typical

EasyPulse Warranty

  • 3 years on device
  • 180 days on internal battery
  • 180 days on external battery

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I am lookig for extra battery for the for the Easy Pulse POC PRECISION MEDICAL I attach a picture for more reference, could you confirm if you have it availabe I also have sent an email, thanks.

LIILIANA - 7/30/2018 5:21:27 PM
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Customer care - 3/12/2019 2:34:07 AM
question image
My battery only lasts about 2 hours on a setting of three.  If I run out and switch to other battery I have no way to charge the first.  So if I am gone for more tha 4 or 5 hours I have no oxygen left to use.  Don't see how you could fly cross country with one.  They don't recharge that quickly.  I need oxygen 24/7 and so going away from home can be stressful.  If other batteries could be purchased it would add some comfort.  Obviously those making decisions about not selling extra batteries haven't had to use oxygen.  One is always afraid of the possibility of running out.
Sherry - 10/29/2015 1:46:28 AM
answer image
Unfortunately we do not sell replacement parts/battery of this item separately. Kindly contact manufacturer directly. Hope that helps. 
Customer Service - 10/29/2015 11:22:04 AM
question image
Can this POC be used on  air planes?
Frank Brown - 9/12/2015 10:51:45 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. Have a look at the Travel Document, hope it helps.
Customer Service - 9/15/2015 4:43:09 AM
question image

can i purchase an additional external battery?


Colleen - 4/18/2015 7:02:40 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately we do not sell battery separately.
Customer Care - 4/20/2015 4:16:13 AM