Omron MicroAir Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology
Omron MicroAir Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology

Omron MicroAir Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology

Brand/Manufacturer: OMRON HEALTHCARE, INC.
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Omron MicroAir Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology is designed to aerosolize liquid medications for inhalation by the patients. It is the smallest nebulizer, ideal for people suffering from asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions. Patients appreciate the small product size and powerful delivery that is comparable to table-top compressor nebulizer systems. MicroAir Portable Nebulizer uses revolutionary vibrating mesh technology that provides a precise, powerful and effective treatment every time. It may be used with pediatric and adult patients in the home, hospital and sub-acute care settings.

Shipping Charges Applicable

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NE-U22V 1.5"L x 2.1"W x 4.1"H (38mm x 51mm x 104mm) Each $11.20

Omron MicroAir Portable Nebulizer


  • Main unit
  • Medication bottle
  • Carrying case
  • Mouthpiece
  • Mesh cap
  • Mask and mouthpiece adaptor
  • Unit cover
  • Video and instruction manual

Key Features:

  • MicroAir Dimensions:
    - Height: 6.1 inches
    - Width: 2.1 inches
    - Weight: 6 oz
  • Nebulizes 2.5 mg in 2 minutes
  • Super small nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology weighs only 6 oz and fits discreetly in the palm of your hand
  • Quiet, one-touch operation makes it the perfect alternative to Metered Dose Inhalers
  • Tubeless and cordless design offers respiratory relief wherever you go
  • Fast, efficient misting delivers every drop of medication without dilution to shorten treatment time
  • Simple one-touch operation delivers medication quickly and efficiently
  • Power of precision: With cutting-edge Vibrating Mesh Technology, treatment not only gets precise, it is fast and powerful, too
  • Relief in the palm: Innovative size and tubeless design help take control of respiratory condition and deliver medication powerfully
  • Easy to carry and even easier to use: It can be taken anywhere without the hassle or the embarrassing noise of bulky tabletop nebulizers
  • Delivers most solution medications including Albuterol, Alupent, Brokosol, Isuprel, Pulmicort Respules, Proventil, Ventolin, Xopenex, DuoNeb and Intal
  • Click Here for User Manual
  • Click Here for Instruction Manual

Know Your MicroAir Nebulizer:

Top of Main Unit –

Top of MicroAir Nebulizer

  • Electrode: Power conductor from the Main Unit to the vibrator on the Medication Bottle
  • Battery Low Indicator: An orange light blinks when the batteries are worn
  • ON/OFF Button: Turns the power for the Main Unit on and off
  • Power Indicator: The green light shows the power is on

Bottom of Main Unit –

Bottom of MicroAir Nebulizer

  • Battery Cover: Push lever to remove cover
  • Electrode: Power conductor from the Main Unit to the AC Adapter Connection Stand

Medicine Bottle –

Medicine Bottle of MicroAir Nebulizer

  • Bottle Cap: Locking Lever Opens the Medication Bottle for cleaning
  • Medication Bottle: Holds maximum capacity of 7mL for treatment
  • Medication Port: Add the medicine to the bottle

Also available (sold separately):

  • Omron Mouthpiece for the MicroAir Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology (Code: 73U221)

  • More On MicroAir Portable Nebulizer

    Preparing The Nebulizer For Use:

    1. Attach the Mesh Cap to the Medication Bottle.
    2. Attach the Medication Bottle to the Main Unit.

    3. Preparing The Nebulizer For Use

    4. Attach the Mask and Mouthpiece Adapter to the Main Unit.

    5. Preparing The Nebulizer For Use

    6. Attach the Mouthpiece or the Child Mask to the Mask and Mouthpiece Adapter.

    Battery Installation:

    This device operates using two (2) AA alkaline batteries or two (2) NiMH AA rechargeable batteries.
    1. Remove the Battery Cover:
      (A) Rotate the Battery Cover lever in the direction of the arrow as shown in the illustration.
      (B) Remove the Battery Cover. The Battery Cover may appear to be tight fitting since it was designed to prevent fluids from getting into the device.
    2. Insert the batteries: Correctly align the polarities (+ and -) with the battery indication marks on the device.
    3. Replace the Battery Cover: Use your thumbs to push on both ends of the Battery Cover. Press down firmly until you hear both tabs click into place.

    4. MicroAir Nebulizer Battery Installation

    Using The AC Adapter:

    The device is designed not to draw power from the batteries when the AC Adapter is used. The AC Adapter is not a battery charger.

    To connect the AC Adapter to the Main Unit:
    1. Place the Main Unit on the AC Adapter Connection Stand. It will click and lock to the stand.
    2. Insert the AC Adapter Power Plug into a 120V electrical outlet.

    To remove the AC Adapter from the Main Unit:
    1. Disconnect the AC Adapter Power Plug from the electrical outlet.
    2. Push on both sides of the Connection Stand to unlock the Main Unit.
    3. Remove the Main Unit.

    Filling The Medication Bottle:

    Remove the Mouthpiece or Mask and the Mask and Mouthpiece Adapter from the Main Unit.
    1. Open the Mesh Cap. Hold the device securely in your hand.
    2. Fill the Medication Bottle Lift up the mesh cap while pressing your thumb upward on the brim.
    3. Close the Mesh Cap. To prevent damage to the device, make sure that the Mesh Cap is correctly in place. If the Mesh Cap is not properly closed, medication will leak.
    4. Attach the Mask and Mouthpiece Adapter to the Main Unit.

    5. Filling The Medication Bottle Of MicroAir Nebulizer

    Selecting The Nebulization Mode:

    This device operates in the Continuous Nebulization Mode or in the Manual Nebulization Mode.
    • Continuous Nebulization Mode: To start the device using the continuous nebulization mode press and hold the ON/OFF Button down for 1 second. Press the ON/OFF Button again to stop nebulization.
    • Manual Nebulization Mode: In the Manual Nebulization Mode the device will nebulize only when you press and hold the ON/OFF Button down. You can inhale on demand using this mode. To start the device using manual nebulization press and hold the ON/OFF Button down for at least 2 seconds. Press and hold the ON/OFF Button to start nebulization.

    Using The Device:

    1. Slightly tilt the Main Unit toward yourself to immerse the Vibrating Mesh Cap in the medication.
    2. Start inhalation in a relaxed position.
    3. Place your lips lightly around the mouthpiece. If using the Child Mask position the mask lightly against the face.
    4. Start the treatment as directed by your healthcare provider.
    5. Press the ON/OFF Button to turn off the device when finished with your treatment. The device has a built-in timer to turn off the power approximately 30 minutes after the power is turned on. When the AC Adapter is used, remove the power plug from the electrical outlet.

    Cleaning After Each Use:

    1. Remove the Mouthpiece or Mask and the Mask and Mouthpiece Adapter from the Main Unit.
    2. Remove the Medication Bottle from the Main Unit.
    3. Open the Medication Bottle and discard any remaining medication.
    4. Attach the Medication Bottle to the Main Unit. Open the Mesh Cap.
    5. Pour a small amount of distilled water into the Medication Bottle and close the Mesh Cap.
    6. Turn on the Portable Nebulizer to nebulize the distilled water for 1 to 2 minutes to remove residual medication from the mesh holes.
    7. Turn off the device and remove the Medication Bottle from the Main Unit.
    8. Remove the Mesh Cap from the Medication Bottle and discard any remaining distilled water from the Medication bottle.
    9. Rinse the Medication Bottle, Mesh Cap, Mask, Mouthpiece, and Mask and Mouthpiece Adapter with distilled water.
    10. Gently wipe off excess water with a soft clean cloth or allow the parts to air dry in a clean environment.
    11. Assemble the device. Store the device in the Storage Case or in a clean environment.

    Specifications Of MicroAir Nebulizer

    Power SourceDC 3V AC 120V 60 Hz (with AC adapter)
    Power Consumption1.5W
    Nebulization Rate0.25mL per minute minimum
    Particle Size RangeMMD approximately 5µm
    Medication Capacity7mL maximum
    Operating Temperature/Humidity+50ºF to +104ºF (+10ºC to +40ºC) /30% to 85% RH
    Storage Temperature/Humidity/Air Pressure-4ºF to +140ºF (-20ºC to +60ºC)/10% to 95% RH/700hPa to 1060 hPa
    Vibration Frequency180kHz
    Weight3.4oz (97g)
    Battery2 “AA” Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable (not included)


    Your NE-U22V Nebulizer, excluding the mesh cap and accessories, is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship appearing within 2 years from date of purchase, when used in accordance with the instructions provided with your device. The above warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser. We will, at our option, repair or replace without charge your Omron Nebulizer. Repair or replacement is our only responsibility and your only remedy under the above warranties.

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    question image
    I have had my unit almost 2 years now and love it but some parts need to be replaced  can I by them through you or do I need to buy a new unit
    Sunnie - 9/1/2017 9:00:19 AM
    answer image
    Customer care - 9/2/2017 7:55:37 AM
    question image
    is an rx required to purchase this unit?
    Tom Phillips - 12/27/2016 10:38:36 AM
    answer image
    No prescription is required to purchase Omron MicroAir Portable Nebulizer with Vibrating Mesh Technology.
    Customer Care - 12/28/2016 6:35:46 AM
    question image
    is there a video or instructions for use available somewhere on line?  
    I seem to have misplaced the instructions.
    Georgia - 7/11/2016 4:44:53 PM
    answer image
    Thank you for contacting customer care service.
    Video can be uploaded soon.
    You can find instructions on below links.
    Customer Care - 7/12/2016 1:32:40 AM
    question image
    Does the feature "Mask and mouthpiece" mean that this nebulizer comes with a mask and connector tube so that you don't have to hold the nebulizer throughout the treatment? Thanks!
    Hil - 6/1/2016 2:48:27 AM
    answer image
    The box includes compressor, unit cover, medication cup (7 ml capacity), mesh cap, mouthpiece, a universal adapter for masks and "T"-pieces, a convenient carrying case, and an instructional DVD.
    Customer Care - 6/2/2016 12:44:18 AM
    question image
    is this nebulizer FDA approved.
    Theresa Thomas Gentner - 12/22/2015 9:46:34 PM
    answer image
    Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, it is FDA approved.
    Customer Care - 4/13/2017 1:40:05 PM
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