Dynasyst Orfitube Adjustable Hand Splint Outrigger Kit
Dynasyst Orfitube Adjustable Hand Splint Outrigger Kit

Dynasyst Orfitube Adjustable Hand Splint Outrigger Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: ORFIT INDUSTRIES

Dynasyst Orfitube Adjustable Hand Splint Outrigger Kit features Fast and easy fabrication of outrigger attachments that can be securely attached to any orthosis. Orfitube Adjustors allows for easy and correct alignment of finger loops. It is easy to make adjustment and re-adjustment of correct angles of alignment and applied forces.

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35311 Orfitube Kit Each $0.83


  • Dynasyst Orfitube Adjustable Hand Splint Outrigger Kit includes:
    - Ten 11-13/16" (30cm) long Orfitubes
    - One spool polyester monofilament for an optimal gliding effect (if necessary)
    - Three spools of elastic thread in varying resistance levels
    - Two bending rods
  • Lightweight outrigger attachments
  • Low profile design
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Increased patient compliance to protocol
  • Spring coils allow having access to the lateral sides of the joints
  • Crossbar systems allow creating a perpendicular traction force on the involved segment
  • Reduction of fabrication time
  • Orfitube is cold formable, impact resistant, and can be cut to length
  • In Orfitube system, a maximum length of the elastic thread is used and moreover, the elastic is protected
  • Ensures the functional aspects of the orthoses
  • Improves the quality of patient care and speed of recovery.
  • Recommended Applications
    - Mobilization Orthoses: Dynamic and evolutionary systems
    - Post-operative splints after tendon surgery or to recover range of motion
    - Fabrication of postural orthoses
  • Contains Latex
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More Information

  • About Orfitubes
    - Orfitube is a thermoplastic tube intended for the fabrication of dynamic hand orthoses with outrigger and braide elastic.
    - The tubes guide and protect the elastic and also, serve as direction pulley. orfitube can be shaped while cold , providing the cavity is filled. This is the purpose of the provided nylon rod.
  • Instructions For Use
    1. Insert the rod past the place where the tube has to be adjusted (do not insert it compeletly into the tube) and bend the tube firmly.
    2.Remove the rod from the curve and if necessary make a second, third, etc curve in the same way.
    - When the curve needs to be straightened again, the best thing is to carefully heat the orfitube with a heat gun at 150°C(302° F) until the tube regains its original shape.
    - Make sure the tube is heated uniformally by continuously turning it above the heat source.
    - In the event of overheating, blisters appear reducing the rigidity drastically.
    - At higher temperatures (250°C(482°F)) the material will decompose completely.
    - The tube can also be bent by heating it. In that event, lso use the bending rod and take care not to overheat the tube.
  • Cleaning Instructions
    - Orfitube structure and the supporting orthosis can be cleaned together with lukewarm water and soap.
    - Rinse thoroughly afterwards.
  • Precautions
    - Never use an open flame to activate Orfitube-
    - For making rehabiliation devices and orthoses Orfitube may only be used by medical personnel trained for that purpose.
    - Never use solvents
    - Sterlisation of low-temperature orthoses with Orfitubes cannot occur in an autoclave, although gas sterlisation is an option.

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