Somnetics Transcend Heated Humidifier
Somnetics Transcend Heated Humidifier

Somnetics Transcend Heated Humidifier

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Somnetics Transcend Heated Humidifier provides premium comfort while using Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy Systems. It features a small footprint and five adjustable heat settings in a sleek, streamlined design for compact size and portability that fits the lifestyles of active patients. Designed to be used with Transcend positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy devices to humidify the air delivered during therapy

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  • Somnetics Transcend Heated Humidifier is integrated with CPAP in one small footprint
  • Warm up indicator and dishwasher safe 325mL water reservoir
  • Water-based heated humidification
  • Five adjustable heat setting
  • For use with any of the Transcend PAPs
  • 5 different heat settings for maximal comfort
  • LED indicator lights
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Automatic shutoff upon water depletion
  • Provides warm moist air to the patient during therapy sessions
  • Can be used with any of the Transcend PAP devices
  • Intended Use:
    - Indicated for the humidification of the air delivered from a compatible Transcend PAP therapy device
    - For single patient re-use in the home and hospital/institutional environment
    - For use only as recommended by a physician
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More Information

  • Using the Transcend Heated Humidifier:
    Setting up your Humidifier:
    - Place the Humidifier on a firm, level surface near your bed.
    - It is recommended that the Humidifier not be placed on a surface that could be damaged by water.
    - Place the Humidifier at a level that is lower than your sleeping position. Filling the Water Reservoir:
    - Remove the Water Reservoir by pulling it forward and out of the Humidifier Body
    - Pull up on the Fill Cap to open the Water Reservoir
    - Carefully fill the Water Reservoir with distilled water to the MAX fill line
    - Replace the Fill Cap ensuring it is tightly sealed.
    - Carefully re-insert the Water Reservoir into the Humidifier Body.
    - When carrying a filled Water Reservoir, ensure that the Fill Cap is sealed and the air outlet is tilted slightly upward.
    - Take precaution not to tilt the air outlet at a downward angle as water may spill out of the reservoir.
    - The base of the Humidifier Body has guides to help position the Humidifier Reservoir during reinsertion.
  • Cleaning and maintenance:
    - Unplug the Humidifier from the wall outlet and allow it to cool to the touch.
    - Remove the PAP device by pulling it backward, sliding it out of the guide slots of the Humidifier
    Periodic Cleaning:
    - Clean the exterior of the Humidifier as needed. Use a mix of 5% mild liquid detergent in distilled water (1.6 fl oz. liquid detergent per quart of distilled water).
    - This will clean away surface residue.
    - Submerge a lint-free cotton cloth into the detergent solution.
    - Wipe the exterior of the Humidifier using a gentle, back and forth wiping motion from the front to back of the device.
    - Rinse the cloth in clear water to remove the residual cleaning solution.
    - Wring excess water from the cloth then wipe the Humidifier using a gentle front to back wiping motion to remove any detergent solution remaining on its surface.
    - Wipe the device with a dry, lint-free cotton cloth until the device is fully dry Daily Cleaning:
    - Follow the instructions below to clean the Water Reservoir.
    - Remove Water Reservoir from the Humidifier Body and open the Fill Cap
    - Fill the Reservoir to the maximum watermark with a solution of 5% mild liquid detergent in distilled water. (1.6 fl oz. liquid detergent per quart of distilled water)
    - Replace Fill Cap.
    - Cover the output port with your hand and gently shake the Reservoir back and forth for 10 seconds.
    - Remove the Drain Plug and drain the solution.
    - Replace the Drain Plug.
    - Open the Fill Cap and rinse the inside of the Reservoir thoroughly with clean water.
    - Remove the Drain Plug to empty the Reservoir.
    Note: Repeat steps as needed to remove excess solution.
    - Return the reservoir to the Humidifier Body.
    - To fully dry the Reservoir, turn on Drying mode by pressing and holding the ramp button then the power button on the Transcend PAP device.
    - The drying mode will last for 30 minutes and turn off automatically.
    Note: Ensure that power is supplied to the Transcend PAP device and Humidifier.
    - Refill the Reservoir with distilled water before the next use.
    Weekly Maintenance:
    - Inspect the Water Reservoir and Fill Cap for wear or deterioration.
    - If the Water Reservoir begins to leak, replace it immediately with a new Reservoir.
  • Warning:
    - To avoid the potential for electric shock unplug the Humidifier from the power source and remove the Transcend PAP device before cleaning the humidifier.
    - Allow the Humidifier to dry completely before plugging it back into a power source.
    - The Water Reservoir is the only part of the Heated Humidifier that should be submerged in water.
    - Never submerge any other part of the Humidifier in water.
    - Do not allow water to enter the interior of the Humidifier Body.
    - In the event, water enters the interior of the Humidifier Body, wipe the surfaces dry of water using a lint-free cotton cloth and allow to fully air dry before plugging it back into a power source.
    - Use the Humidifier only for its intended use as defined
    - Only use Transcend positive airway pressure devices and a 6-foot air supply tube with the Humidifier.
    - The Humidifier is for single patient re-use and must not be re-used on another person.
    - This is to avoid the risk of cross-infection.
    - Always place the Humidifier lower than the level of the patient. If it is placed at or above the level of the patient, heated water may flow down the air tubing and into the mask.
    - Take care when handling the Humidifier. The water in the reservoir may be hot.
    - If liquids are spilled on the Humidifier disconnect the power cord immediately, discontinue use, and contact your service provider.
    - Do not modify this equipment without the authorization of the manufacturer.
    - The Humidifier Water Reservoir must be completely drained of water prior to transport.
    - Water remaining in the Water Reservoir may leak during transport, damage the electrical circuitry of the device, and create a potential electrical shock hazard.
    - Do not use a modified sine wave power inverter to power the humidifier
    - Do not use the Humidifier in the presence of flammable or explosive materials.
    - Medical electrical equipment including this device requires special precautions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and needs to be installed, placed, and used according to EMC information.
    - Radiofrequency (RF) communications equipment can effect medical electrical equipment, including this device.
    - Other cables and accessories may affect EMC performance.
    - Be careful when placing or stacking this humidifier close to or on top of other equipment.


Heated Humidifier

Dimensions (L x W x H)9" x 5.5" x 4.7" (22.9cm x 14cm x 11.9cm)
Weight2.2lbs (998g) empty, 3.1lbs (1408g) with water to max fill line
Power Supply Input Range100-240V, 50-60Hz
Water Reservior Capacity325mL
Working Pressure Range4 - 20cmH2O
Heater Settings1 - 5
Humidifier performance (RH%)                RH output %                 Nominal system output (mg/L)
                 Setting 3   Setting 5       Setting 1      Setting 5
4cmH2O     >90          >95               12                21
12cmH2O   70           >75               14                14
20cmH2O   60           >65               10                15
Max heater plate temperature131° F (55° C)
Operating temperature 41-95°F (5-35°C)
Operating humidity range10-80% RH
Operational altitude range0-8000 ft. (2438.4 M)
EMC operationContinuous


2 years warranty, Except water reservoir, which is warranted for 6 months.

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