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Covidien Kendall Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes with Y-Port with Safe Enteral Connections

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22FR, Balloon Size 20cc
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Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tube with Y-Port is used as a replacement tube for the administration of nutrition, fluids, and medications to the stomach. It is constructed of a durable silicone that allows for optimal performance and longevity. The replaceable Y-port connector for feeding tube allows the user to change the port rather than the entire tube.

5 Reasons to buy Kangaroo Feeding Tube

  • Used for enteral feeding
  • Medical-grade silicone tubing
  • Includes 2.7 g packet of water-soluble jelly
  • Gastric balloon for internal retention
  • Graduated shaft

Why choose Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tube with Y-Port?

  • Covidien Kangaroo Feeding Tube is new and improved clear silicone with tapered flush tip design
  • G-tube's graduated shaft allows for easy stoma depth measurement
  • Dual port enteral connector engineered to reduce risk of tubing misconnections
  • Purple color to denote enteral feeding - oral/cath tip syringe only
  • Feeding port is incompatible with luer lock or IV connections, reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion
  • Available with safe enteral connections to address the 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnections Sentinel Event Alert
  • Rounded flush tip with open distal end for optimal tube performance
  • Gastric balloon prevents fluid leakage by sealing off the internal stoma
  • Rounded skin disc for external retention with feet
  • With proper maintenance and care, this feeding tube can last up to 6 months
  • Accuracy of graduations is ± 0.41cm
  • DEHP-free

When to use Kangaroo G Tube?

This tube is indicated for patients who are physically unable to manage nutritional intake through normal mastication and deglutition.

What to buy with Kendall Gastrostomy Feeding Tube with Y Port

How to use Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tube?

  1. Confirm that tract size and tube size are compatible.
  2. Lubricate G-tube with enclosed jelly. Do not use petroleum based jelly on the G-Tube.
  3. Gently insert tip of G-tube through stoma tract, advancing until the distal 6 cm (2.5") of the tube are fully intragastric.
  4. Balloon Inflation: Do not use air for inflation. A. To inflate a 20 mL balloon, inject 20 mL of water or saline into the gastrostomy tube. Do not exceed 20 mL. B. To inflate a 5 mL balloon, inject 5 mL of water or saline into the gastrostomy tube. Do not exceed 5 mL.
  5. When inflated, the balloon should rest snugly against the gastric mucosa.
  6. Slide the external retention disc comfortably against the abdominal wall allowing for in and out play and daily rotation of tube.
  7. Confirm intragastric placement prior to initiating feeding.
  8. Feeding may then be initiated by attaching the feeding administration set securely to the connector.
  9. To irrigate the tube, place feeding on hold and close roller clamp before opening Y-port.
  10. To irrigate using catheter tip syringe, open Y-port and insert tip of syringe.
  11. After use, remove syringe and recap Y-port. Open roller clamp and restart feeding.
  12. To remove the gastrostomy tube, deflate the balloon by inserting the luer tip of the syringe into the inflation valve and aspirate balloon contents. If deflation difficulties are encountered, the inflation valve arm should be severed. Gentle traction from the abdomen should be sufficient for catheter removal.

Kangaroo Feeding Tube User Manual

Precautions to take while using Silicone Gastrostomy Tube

  • Do not autoclave.
  • To prevent clogging, feeding tubes should be flushed frequently using a 35 mL (or larger) syringe at the following times:
    • before and after each feeding
    • before and after administering medication
    • once every four hours during continuous feeding or between intermittent feedings
    • each time the feeding set is disconnected
    • each time the feeding container is filled/changed
    • each time the pump is stopped.
  • Use only tap or sterile water to flush. DO NOT use juice, colas, or solutions containing meat tenderizer to flush or open a clogged feeding tube.
  • Never use a syringe smaller than 35 mL to unclog a tube.
  • Replace tube at four (4) week intervals to ensure optimum tube patency.
  • Use a Kangaroo enteral feeding pump for accuracy and control of nutritional formula delivery. Infusion pumps that deliver in excess of 40psi should not be used as excessive pressure is capable of causing tubes and pump sets to balloon and/or rupture. Consult pump manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.
  • Administration of medications should always be guided by hospital policy. Many liquid preparations tend to interact with enteral formulas and clog the feeding tube. Thoroughly crush tablets, excluding enteric tablets which should never be crushed; however, always consult with your pharmacist regarding which tablets should be crushed for feeding tube administration.
  • Assess balloon inflation daily by withdrawing 3-5 mL of water from the inflation lumen. If water contains gastric contents, the balloon has been damaged and the catheter must be replaced. If it does not contain gastric contents, reinject the water.
  • Ensure stoma tract is intact prior to inserting this tube.


  • Do not use if package is opened or damaged.
  • The comfort and convenience of gastric feeding must be weighed against the risk of regurgitation or aspiration of stomach contents. The use of intestinal feeding should be considered for any patient who in the judgment of the responsible health care professional is at risk of regurgitation or aspiration.
  • This device should only be inserted by a trained clinician.
  • Do not use air for balloon inflation.
  • Do not exceed recommended balloon inflation volumes.
  • This is a disposable device for single use. Do not reuse.


  • The use of this product is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to its components.

Covidien Kangaroo Feeding Tube Specifications

Product Code French Size Balloon Size
8884715148 4.7 mm (14 Fr/Ch) 5 mL
8884720163 5.3 mm (16 Fr/Ch) 20 mL
8884720189 6.0 mm (18 Fr/Ch) 20 mL
8884720205 6.7 mm (20 Fr/Ch) 20 mL
8884720221 7.3 mm (22 Fr/Ch) 20 mL
8884720247 8.0 mm (24 Fr/Ch) 20 mL




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