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Malnutrition is a term used to indicate deficiency of certain nutrients in the body. It can result from a poor diet or lack of food. It may also result if intake of nutrients is very high, very low or poorly balanced. People who eat excess food but of the same type not supplying all nutrition that is required can also have malnutrition. The body goes short on essential vitamins, minerals and other substances due to a poor diet leading to many severe health conditions. Protein deficiencies lead to kwashiorkor which is characterized by a distended abdomen and stunted growth. Scurvy results from vitamin C deficiencies. HPFY brings to you a range of nutritional supplements for those with nutritional deficiencies from top manufacturers like Abbott, Nestle Nutrition, Aptalis Pharma and many more at attractive discounts.

Under nutrition is a form of malnutrition indicated by wasting that means low body weight for the height, stunting that is low overall height according to the age and underweight that means low body weight according to the age.

Symptoms of Under Nutrition

  • Lack of appetite or interest in food or drink 
  • Irritability and fatigue  
  • Lack of concentration  
  • Chills  
  • Losing fat, muscle mass or body tissue 
  • Reduced immunity and higher risk of catching infections with longer healing periods  
  • Depression  
  • Reduced sex drive   
  • Fertility issues  
  • Breathing difficulties  
  • Thin, pale, and cold skin that feels dry and non-stretching  
  • Hollow cheeks, sunken eyes 
  • Dry and sparse hair

Risk Factors for Malnutrition

  • Lack of food due to widespread malnutrition in many parts of the globe  
  • In hospitalized or elderly people in long term care facilities  
  • Socially isolated individuals  
  • Low income groups 
  • People with nutrition absorption difficulties  
  • Eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia nervosa

Treatment for Malnutrition

The treatment for malnutrition largely depends upon the type of underlying causes of the condition. A feeding program may be set to fight the condition including a planned diet along with nutritional supplements like Abbott Ensure Plus Therapeutic Complete Balanced Nutrition, Aptalis Axcan Scandipharm Scandical Calorie Booster Powder or Nestle Isosource 1.5 Calorically Dense Complete Liquid Nutrition With SpikeRight Plus Port and many more. This alternate nutrition is effective for people with severe malnourishment or absorption problems. Some people may also need artificial nutritional support i.e. through a enteral feeding tube or IV therapy.