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Aprons are easy-to-wear protective garments that usually protect the front part of the body. One of the oldest protective garments in history, aprons are used in medical facilities, industries, and the culinary world with each kind of apron having a different use and design. Also considered a hygienic garment, aprons protect the wearer from acid, allergens, contaminating liquids and solids, and also conditions like heat, cold, and much more.

Types of Aprons

Aprons are divided into different types based on design, purpose, and shape of apron.
  • Bib aprons – Offering a bib-like covering, bib aprons provide full coverage of the front body, covering the areas of the chest, waist, and knees. They come in different fabric options and are available in options such as pocketed, Velcro binding, and drawstrings binding.
  • Jumper Dress – Jumper dress or pinafore aprons are sleeveless aprons worn for a very general protection and are fastened at the back using strings or buttons. They do not include a bib, and come in attractive and elegant patterns and colors.
  • Cobbler Aprons – Also known as tabards, they cover the front and the back of the body and offer overall protection. These aprons are fastened at the sides and are mostly used by hospital or medical staff as they provide greater protection than other standard aprons.
  • Other types of aprons include waist aprons, smoker’s apron, geriatric aprons, and utility aprons.

Features of Medical Aprons

  • Easy to wash and color fastened
  • Smooth texture
  • High strength and tensile quality
  • Neat and sturdy stitching
  • Hygiene and added protection at all times

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