Protective Gowns


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Gowns are protective medical garments worn over regular clothing or over other medical clothing as a protection from the spread of infections and illnesses. They also protect other patients from cross infections. Many a time during treatment or operations, medical staff comes in contact with infectious liquids or solids. Medical protective gowns help in shielding an individual from these infectious materials. The Federal Agency of Drugs (FDA) classifies protective gowns into levels of protection, and they are:
  • Level 1 – Minimal Risk – For general medical examinations or care in standard medical facilities
  • Level 2 – Low Risk – Applicable during blood draw or other procedures that involve invasive techniques
  • Level 3 – Moderate Risk – For use in emergency rooms during arterial blood draw or heavy invasive techniques
  • Level 4 – High Risk – Used in surgeries and other medical procedures that might spread infection or illnesses

Types of Medical Protective Gowns

There are three major types of protective gowns and are classified based on their size, use, and protection level.
  • General Exam Protective Gowns – Aimed at offering level 1 and level 2 protections, general exam gowns are commonly used in clinics and examination rooms and are to protect the user from general issues. They provide good liquid protection and are also easy to wear.
  • Isolation Protective Gowns – Used in medium to high risk situations, isolation gowns have secured rims, cuffs, and hems and all of which are liquid proof so as to prevent any kind of spread of infections or illnesses. They are worn when critical protection becomes necessary for the medical staff
  • Surgical Protective Gowns – As the name suggests, surgical gowns are worn by staff during surgeries. They are designed to minimize the spread of infections. They also prevent the spread of any infection to the patient, as well as prevent contamination of the surgical site.

Benefits of Protective Gowns

  • Prevent the spread of infections and illnesses
  • Prevent the cross contamination from patients to medical staff and vice versa
  • Protect the patient from unwanted spill of liquids or solids
  • Keeps the clothes of the patient as well as medical staff clean

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