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A garment to protect an individual from accidental spills, contact, or contamination, lab coats are one of the most common garment worn by doctors around the world. Also known as white coats, they are usually worn when working in labs or medical/clinical facilities. Designed to be longer than standard coats, they basic structure is the same as standard coats. Lab coats are also sometimes worn by other medical staff in medical institutions.

Benefits of Lab Coats

There are three major benefits of lab coats:
  • Protects the skin and clothes from accidental spillages and contaminating contact
  • Prevents the spread of infections and contamination
  • A removable and convenient barrier to protect the user from general mishaps and accidents

Types of Lab Coats

There are five types of lab coats divided on the basis of features and design: 
  • Barrier Lab Coats – With knitted cuffs, barrier lab coats give an added sense of protection as they cover the arms securely and protect the rest of the body as well from infections and contamination. They also become a deterrent to blood-borne pathogens.
  • Consultation Lab Coats – Since they are not used in critical or high risk situations, the design of consultation lab coats is more elegant and fashionable. They provide great style, professionalism, and are also of high utility.
  • Full Length Lab Coats – One of the most commonly used lab coats, full length lab coats are what you generally see a clinician or doctor wearing in general medical facilities. They cover the body till the knee, and provide a formal appearance.
  • Smock/Knee Length Coats – Designed to protect the skin and clothes, smock/knee length lab coats have a standard coat like garments. They are known to provide great infection control at all times.
  • Staff Length Lab Coats – Designed to be stylish and protective at the same time, staff length lab coats feature button front styling and resist wrinkles. They are designed to come till the thighs, and protect the entire upper body.

Choosing the Right Lab Coat?

There are a number of things or factors one does have to consider while choosing a lab coat: 
  • If you’re looking for complete protection till the wrists, then choosing tight elastic cuffs or knitted cuffs should be your first choice.
  • One can use VELCRO, buttons, or snap closures to secure a lab coat, and depending on the use you have to choose the right kind of closing feature.
  • There are different coats for different uses as specified above, and one should decide what their usage is before buying a lab coat
  • There are some lab coats made for protection with some materials, and so one should look into the features of each coat before choosing one.

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