Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit - 1100cc Collection Bag
Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit - 1100cc Collection Bag

Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit - 1100cc Collection Bag

Brand/Manufacturer: BARD INC

Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit With 1100cc Collection Bag is a closed system catheter that is designed for sterile intermittent catheterization and offers a pre-lubricated catheter with patented finger guide. The unique closed system helps to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and cross-contamination.

Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Highlights:

  • Sterile  
  • Single use only 
  • Pre-lubricated catheter 
  • Vinyl catheter is latex-free
  • Red rubber catheter contains latex 
  • Tapered neck design 

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
4A6110 10FR, Vinyl Each $0.17
4A6110 10FR, Vinyl 10/Pack $1.70
4A6110 10FR, Vinyl 50/Case $7.75
4A6142 12FR, Vinyl Each $0.17
4A6142 12FR, Vinyl 10/Pack $1.70
4A6142 12FR, Vinyl 50/Case $7.75
4A6144 14FR, Vinyl Each $0.17
4A6144 14FR, Vinyl 10/Pack $1.70
4A6144 14FR, Vinyl 50/Case $7.75
4A6044 14FR, Red Rubber Each $0.17
4A6044 14FR, Red Rubber 10/Pack $1.70
4A6044 14FR, Red Rubber 50/Case $7.75
4A6146 16Fr, Vinyl Each $0.16
4A6146 16Fr, Vinyl 10/Pack $1.60
4A6146 16Fr, Vinyl 50/Case $7.75

Touchless Plus Intermittent Catheter Benefits

  • Pre-lubricated catheter reduces discomfort during insertion
  • Insertion tip positions the catheter in the urethra, bypassing the meatus to help reduce UTIs
  • Patented catheter guide allows control of catheter insertion with the touch of a finger
  • Vinyl catheter is latex-free, while the red rubber catheter contains latex
  • Collection bag is durable, virtually eliminating the risk of leaks
  • Tapered neck design decreases excoriation associated with sharp corners

More About Touchless Plus Intermittent Catheter

  • On latex red rubber catheter, do not use ointments or lubricants having a petrolatum base, they will damage latex
  • After use, this product may be a potential biohazard
  • Handle and dispose of in accordance with accepted medical practice and applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations
Precautions (Touchless Urethral Catheter Only):
  • It is recommended that the collection bag be held
  • The catheter could possibly separate from the collection bag when urine increases weight of the bag
  • Single patient use, do not reuse  
  • Sterile unless package is opened or damaged 
  • Do not resterilize
Instructions for Use:
  • Remove cap from insertion tip using pull ring 
  • Slide the pre-lubricated catheter halfway into the insertion tip and insert into urethra 
  • Holding the patented control guide with non-dominant hand, use dominant hand to grasp catheter through bag and push catheter into urethra 
  • Once bag is filled, withdraw catheter through insertion tip, snap on cap and dispose


Catheter MaterialVinyl
Catheter CoatingHydrophilic
Catheter StyleCoated Catheters

Catheter French Size


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