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Patterson Medical is a world class provider of rehabilitation, assistive and splinting products across the world. You can choose among wide variety of its quality products like wound care, Bath & Toileting, CPM, Dining, Exercise Equipment, Modalities, Orthopedics, Pediatrics Wheelchair, Rehab Supplies, Evaluation, Splinting, Treatment Furniture, Aids to Daily Living and many more here.

Patterson Adaptive Daily Aids

Patterson Dining Aids

Patterson Dining Aids are designed to assist users to execute dining activities with less obstruction and easily. These adaptive dining aids provide a comfortable dining experience. Coupled with a wide range of technological features, ergonomic grips, and hygiene, these Sammons Preston adaptive aids include adaptive utensils, adaptive bowls and dishes, and adaptive meal preparation aids.

Patterson Drinking Aids

Patterson drinking aids provide added coordination of the hand to the mouth to achieve efficient drinking. An individual suffering from neurological disorders, motor disability, or injuries might face difficulties in drinking and so adaptive drinking aids can help bridge this gap with ease. Patterson adaptive drinking aids include adaptive drinking aids, adaptive mugs, straws, mug and cup holders, and much more.

Patterson Dressing & Comfort Aids

Patterson dressing and comfort aids help in enhancing coordination and functioning motor skills to improve the process of dressing. Adaptive dressing aids by Performance Health help people suffering from neurological disorders or injuries to dress with comfort and ease. Patterson adaptive dressing aids include dressing sticks, shoe horns, zipper pulls, button hooks, shoelaces, and much more.

Patterson Bath Safety Aids

Patterson bath safety aids are designed to provide safety as well as ease while using the bathroom or while bathing. These adaptive bathing aids are installed in the bathroom and provide support and safety to the patient. Bathroom floors are slippery and make the patient vulnerable to falling and injuring themselves. These adaptive aids from Performance Health provide durable and long lasting support. They can be installed in almost any position and anywhere in the bathroom. They include shower chairs, shower commode chairs, commode chairs, toileting aids, and bath grab bars and rails.

Patterson Household Aids

Patterson household aids are a wide range of adaptive daily aids used to assist and individual in a variety of daily activities such as reading and writing, using computers, and much more. These adaptive aids form Performance Health for the house are designed to reduce effort while executing different activities in the house during the day. These adaptive household aids include adaptive reading and writing aids, adaptive computer aids, adaptive mouth sticks, adaptive knob turners, adaptive scissors, adaptive leg lifters, hip kits, arthritis kits.

Patterson Mobility Aids

Patterson mobility aids are designed to allow easy transfer and movement of individuals, both indoors and outdoors. These specially designed adaptive mobility aids by Performance Health help improve the quality of life of individuals with mobility impairment by allowing easy and comfortable movement and transfers. Patterson adaptive mobility aids include canes, crutches, walkers, scooters, transfer boards, transfer sheets, transfer systems, etc.

Patterson Medication Aids

Patterson medication aids or medication supplies are specially designed adaptive aids to help an individual correctly and comfortably take medicines. These adaptive medication aids from Sammons Preston are designed to reduce time and effort of an individual while sorting and consuming medications and pills on a daily basis. The two major medication aids from Performance health are pill organizers and pill crushers.

Patterson Compression Aids

Patterson compression aids or compression therapy products help in improving blood circulation, strengthening muscles, and heal and support patients during conditions such as venous and muscular injuries and disorders. Compression aids from Performance Health help in applying gentle and gradual compression to any part of the body. These Patterson adaptive compression aids include gloves and sleeves, wraps and bandages, garments and accessories, and other compression aids.

Patterson Reachers

Patterson reachers or reaching aids are simple devices designed to help individuals reach, hold, grab, or pull objects. These adaptive reaching aids from Performance Health are equipped with features such as ergonomic handles and grips, magnetic tips, and much more. Reaching aids include long handled reachers, folding reachers, lightweight reachers, adjustable reachers, all-purpose reachers, and outdoor reachers.

Patterson Rehab and Fitness

Rehab and fitness aids from Sammons Preston are designed to help regain physical fitness, mobility, and improve coordination. These adaptive exercise aids are used to help restore proper functions of the body by enhancing muscle strength, improving blood circulation and overall body health. Patterson adaptive rehab aids include rehabilitation supplies and fitness products such as hand exercisers, band and tubing, weights and dumbbells, medicine balls, cardio exercise products, etc.

Patterson Tumble Forms 2

Tumble Forms 2 from Patterson medical are made for children and adults with special needs. These adaptive daily aids from Performance Health are designed for medical aid, postural seating, therapeutic positioning, pediatric and adolescent toileting, mobility, fine & gross motor activity. Couple with antimicrobial protection these innovative aids provide great help for special needs children and adults. Tumble Forms 2 adaptive aids include sitters and wedges, rolls, weighted vests, and other accessories.

Patterson Supports and Braces

Patterson supports and braces or orthopedic supports are super-efficient products made to help prevent, diagnose, correct, and treat a wide range of disorders of the bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. These orthopedic braces and supports help in rehabilitation of a wide range of orthopedic conditions, post-surgery rehab, and much more. These supports and braces from Performance Health include arm and elbow supports, ankle and heel supports, back and shoulder supports, cushions and positioners, hand and finger supports, hip and knee supports, neck supports and braces, etc.

Patterson Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aids from Patterson Medical help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. These physical therapy aids and products help in improving the functioning of the body, enhancing circulation of blood, and aid in overall body development. Physical therapy uses different mediums such as water, heat, electricity, etc. to provide physical rehabilitation to a wide range of patients. These Patterson therapy aids include aquatic physical therapy, electrotherapy, hot and cold therapy, kinesiology therapy, paraffin therapy, range of motion therapy, etc.

Patterson Pediatric Therapy

Patterson Pediatric therapy aids are designed to support a child in enhancing a wide range of abilities and qualities. These adaptive pediatric therapy supplies are specially crafted to support therapists, educators, and parents to aid recovery and everyday health and wellness of a child. Pediatric therapy products from Performance Health include sensory motor aids, sensory stimulation aids, weighted vests, and much more.

Patterson Massage Supplies

Patterson massage therapy aids and supplies provide massage therapy comfortably, efficiently and quickly. These massage supplies from Performance Health are designed to help alleviate pain, heal injuries, and treat a wide range of conditions. Manual and electric massagers are used to provide efficient massage therapy to different body parts for different conditions. Massage oil, creams, and lotions can be used with manual or electric massagers to add physical therapy to massage therapy to increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

Patterson Footcare

Patterson foot care products are made to help heal, rehabilitate, and prevent a wide range of deformities and injuries of the foot. Foot care products and supplies from Patterson Medical help in reduce stress and strain on the feet as well as improving the condition of the foot. Foot care aids and supplies from Performance Health include splints and loops, pads, caps, diabetic foot care kit, footbrushes, heel cups, cushions, foot orthotics, and insoles.

Patterson Splinting Supplies

Patterson splinting supplies are made to create splints from scratch for muscles, bones, and joints. Splinting supplies from Patterson Medical help create splints that aid in providing immobilization to different parts of body and also protect them from shear forces and stress. Splinting supplies and products from Performance Health include liners and padding, splinting sheets, stockinettes, splinting straps, and much more.

Patterson Patient Protection

Patient protection aids from Patterson Medical are used to provide protection and safety to different individuals under multiple conditions. These adaptive patient protection aids from Performance Health prevent complications and injuries to patients and protect them at all times. Patterson patient protection aids and supplies include patient safety alarms, patient safety helmets, patient safety gloves, grab bars and rails, head protection, feet and hip protection, fall prevention mats, etc.

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