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Rehabilitation medical supplies and health & fitness products help regain physical fitness, mobility, and enhance coordination. Each product targets specific parts of the body, thus restoring the proper functionality of individual parts and the overall health of the body. At HPFY, we offer a wide range of advanced rehabilitation supplies and fitness products from Performance Health which includes Hand Therapy Exercisers, Thera Putty, Tubing and Bands, Balance Equipment, & Weights and Dumbbells.

Patterson Hand Therapy Exercisers

Developed for pain relief and increasing the range of motion of the fingers, hand therapy exercisers are great rehabilitation for arthritis patients and those affected with wrist and finger pain.

  • Hand therapy exercisers are great rehabilitation equipment for patients
  • Restore the flexibility and strength of the hand
  • Enhance your grip and develops coordination between fingers

Performance Health Hand Thera Putty

Excellent for people of all ages, thera putty is a designed for great physical and mental stress release. It helps in alleviating pain as well.

  • Thera Putty is a great for improving fine motor skills
  • It is also a great choice for relieving stress
  • Thera Putty also helps in physical and occupational therapy for the elderly

Patterson Resistance Band and Tubing

A great option for people to develop strength in the muscles of the legs & arms, resistance bands are a great option for occupational and exercise therapy.

  • We offer a wide selection of band and tubing for strength and weight training
  • Resistance bands from Performance Health offer great flexibility
  • They enhance ability of muscles and joints, improving their health

Patterson Balance Rehabilitation Equipment

Improving posture and gait requires a perfect coordination of the body and its center of gravity. These rehab products from Performance Health develop the coordination between the two, thus enhancing balance training.

  • Wide range of balance and total body conditioning rehab supplies
  • Adds stability and skill to your life
  • Different types of durable balance equipment

Performance Health Stretching Equipment

Post surgery stiffness, weakened muscles, and painful joints can be treated using rehab equipment for stretching. It also makes the muscles strong and enhances overall body fitness.

  • Advanced rehab supplies to help increase flexibility
  • Help in enhancing the range of motion of an individual
  • Trains muscles and prevents minor injuries

Patterson Weights and Dumbbells

A simple yet effective physical therapy option, using weights and dumbbells can train muscles, strengthen joints and bones, and increase immunity to injuries.

  • Varied kinds of weights, dumbbells, and weight bars
  • Helps strengthen the ankle and the wrist
  • Offer excellent rehabilitation at economical prices

Patterson Pulley Exercisers

Pulley are simple machines that can be great daily exercise aids to help improve body health, core strength, and prevent conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and much more.

  • Pulleys improve range of motion and coordination
  • Help treat arthritis, shoulder & arm injuries, and stiffness
  • Easily mounts on doors, floors, or walls

Performance Health Medicine Balls

A great daily aid to help exercise the hands, the fingers, and the wrist, medicine balls help in alleviating pain, and train the muscles of different parts of the body. One can choose different sized balls for different kinds of therapy.

  • These balls enable development of muscular strength and power
  • Designed to tone and strengthen every part of the body
  • For upper, lower, and core muscle training

Patterson Cardio Exercise Products

One of the most common fitness aids, cardio products ensure that the heart stays health, improving the circulation of blood to the organs, and increasing the strength of the upper and lower body.

  • These fitness supplies enhance blood circulation
  • Regular usage of these rehab supplies helps in keeping the heart healthy
  • Includes pedal exercisers for the legs and the hands

Where to buy Rehab and Fitness Supplies

Incorporate regular exercise and fitness regimes into your daily life with help from quality rehabilitation and fitness products by Patterson Medical.

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