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Medication supplies or medication aids are used to help an individual organize their medicine schedule and aid in the consumption of the medication. There are two broad categories of medication supplies from Patterson Medical:

Pill Organizers

Pill organizers are an important medication aid for the elderly as well as for people who face difficulties in remembering dates, time, or dosage. Made of sturdy materials, they come in multiple shapes such as cylindrical, pen shaped, squared, and pocketed. Pill organizers not only help an individual in remembering the time, date, and dosage but also prevent the individual from consuming the wrong medication at the wrong time. They prevent such mishaps and hence prevent any complication from the medication. This way they protect the patient as well as make them independent enough to organize and take their medicines on time.

There are a wide range of pill organizers based on time, color, and dosages. Some pill organizers are color coded which helps in remembering the dosage of the medication and also the frequency. Some are weekly organizers while some are monthly organizers, and some are divided according to the different times of the day, i.e morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

Pill Splitters and Pill crushers

Pill splitters or pill cutters are simple mechanical devices used to cut a pill into pieces. Sometimes, a prescription of a medicine might require you to consume a fraction of a pill or tablet and it is nearly impossible for an individual to split or cut the pill in an exact half all the time. This becomes even more difficult for individuals who have hand weaknesses or weak grip. Pill splitters ease this by cutting or splitting the pill in half for convenient usage.

Pill crushers help in crushing the pill into a fine powder for easier consumption. Some pills are difficult to consume if you have a swallowing disorder. Some medication might have been prescribed to be used in a dissolved form. For these purposes, one has to finely crush the medicine which is difficult in the above conditions. Pill crushers easily help crush the pill and make consumption easy.

Other Medication Supplies

  • Eye Drop Guides – Using an eye drop is an extremely meticulous task if done independently. If a person suffers from a condition of the hand, this becomes even more difficult. Eye drop guides help in holding the bottle and easily use the medication.
  • Medicine Opener – Removing a tablet or pill from its packing is also sometimes difficult for people with hand weaknesses or tremors and so medicine openers help in easily opening the packaging and removing the tablet or pill.

Benefits of Using Medication Supplies

  • Helps remembering when to take medicines and in what dosage
  • Helps saves a lot of money by splitting dosages using a pill splitter
  • Prevents any complications because of extra or wrong dosage
  • Easy storage and helps keeps medicine safe

Where to Buy Medication Supplies Online?

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