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Tumble Forms 2 products are designed particularly for children and adults with special needs including proprioception medical aid, postural seating, therapeutic positioning, paediatric and adolescent toileting, mobility, fine & gross motor activity. Tumble Forms two merchandise with antimicrobial protection combine innovative style with superior acquisition to supply a high degree of durability, practicality, and attractiveness.

Why to Choose Tumble Forms?

Tumble Forms 2 products are modular design products which therapists, parents and caregivers can use in many ways to provide specified and unique positioning. Most of the Tumble Forms 2 products can be used by toddlers and adults and everyone in between, reinforcing correct positioning during therapeutic activities or just simple daily living activities. They can be used in clinical and facility settings, at school and at home. Several of the Tumble Forms products have the adjustability to be used in standing, prone or supine positions, while others meet governmental regulations for safe and secure motor vehicle transportation, as well.

What are the different types of Tumble Forms 2?

  • Tumble Forms Floor Sitter and Wedges Tumble Forms 2 Floor Sitter is an adaptive tilt-in-space seating system for children and adults with special needs that provides secure positioning and comfort during meals and activities. The wedge helps to position the feeder seat rotary actuator in associate upright or a reclined position appropriate for the child’s activity. Floor sitter holds the seat firmly, allowing instant adjustability. Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Blue Floor Sitter, Tumble Form Universal Corner Chair with Removable Tray, Tumble Forms Wedges 
  • Tumble Form Rolls The Tumble Forms 2 Rolls are made for an effective rehabilitation and fitness applications. Tumble Forms Rolls are used for positional and neurodevelopmental training and for patients with special needs. Buy Tumble Forms 2 Rolls which are firm and soft tools and helps to enhance sensory perception and aids in rolling and rocking fitness and rehab exercises. Also allows to roll and rock movements even with the weight of a person bearing down. It also helps in movements, neurodevelopmental training and various positioning.
  • Tumble Forms Vestibular The Vestibular offers the benefits of a ceiling suspension system. It accommodates therapy modules for vestibular, neurodevelopmental, and sensory integration therapy. The Vestibular provides vertical stimulation and direct flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences, and motion exercises. It also incorporates a 360° vertical rotation system for a smooth, unrestricted range of movement to create vertical as well as rotational stimulation.
  • Tumble Forms2 Weighted Vests helps to calm children suffering with SID and ADHD with an emphasis on durability and comfort. Weighted vests are stain resistant, flame-retardant and brushed. Tumble Forms 2 Weighted Vests also helps to improve focus. Paediatric Positioner Paediatric positioner is specially designed for infants and young children suffering from cerebral palsy, motor delays or other motor dysfunctions. These positioner are an essential part of an effective therapy program. Paediatric positioner is ideal for clinic or home-based therapy or early intervention programs. Tumble Forms 2 Paediatric Positioner are used to put users in prone, seated, or side-lying positions.
  • Other Stander Accessories of tumble forms Along with all the Tumble Forms 2 products like floor sitter, rolls, corner chair, wedges, feeder seats, vestibular, weighted vests, balance beam, paediatric positioner, scooter board etc. wide range of standers accessories including safety belts, multi positioning stander are also available.

Where to buy tumble forms 2 Online?

Buy Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One 45 TriStander Accessories, Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair Accessories etc. Health Product For You brings a wide range of all types of Tumble Forms 2 products popularly manufactured by Patterson Medical.