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Recovery and rehabilitation aids for children also known as pediatric therapy aids are specifically crafted, keeping in mind the needs and health of children. They are designed to support therapists, educators, and parents to aid in the recovery and everyday health of a child. There are a number of conditions and disorders that might affect a child, and so a number of aids are developed to cope with the shortcomings that are a result of these conditions and disorders. There are a wide range of pediatric therapy aids from Patterson Medical that can help your child live a safe and comfortable life.

Sensory Motor Products

Sensory –motor functions are the balance between sensory stimulation and motor functions. These functions are what allow a person to execute a number of gross and fine motor skills which includes all physical activity one executes in their daily life. The disability of the body to execute sensory motor functions can cause an inability to execute daily chores and hence one required aids also known as sensory motor aids or products. These aids help in improving or enhancing the sensory motor functions thus increasing a person’s fine and gross motor skills. Sensory motor aids include toys, art kits, communication kits, swings, balls, etc.

Sensory Stimulation Aids

Sensory stimulation is the ability of the brain to recognize things using its five senses that are smell, touching, tasting, hearing, and seeing. The inability to cognitively use these senses to understand or perceive something can cause hindrances to execute everyday activities. Sensory stimulation aids help cope with the inability and enhance the ability of the brain to process theses senses. These aids include a wide range of products such as squeakers, bead balls, blankets, pegboards, peg sets, stacking cones, program kits, etc.

Weighted Weights

Weighted vests or aids are generally recommended for children suffering from ASD or autism spectrum disorder. These vests have a proprioceptive affect on the child thus calming them down. The weight of the vests decreases the chances of involuntary behaviour which could harm the child and hence are a highly recommended option for children who cannot sometimes control their actions. Weighted vests or other aids that include blankets, vibrating pillows, etc. are designed to provide deep touch therapy which enhances the ability of the child to stay stationary and also helps them to become more organised.

Why Does One Need Pediatric Therapy?

There are a number of conditions that hamper the basic functioning of the brain and the body. This might become a hindrance in the overall development of the child. These include:
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Learning disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Genetic or hereditary disorders
Pediatric therapy aids are designed to overcome this by helping the child understand things, and enhancing their ability to execute fine and gross motor skills with ease. These aids work as a filler to bridge the gaps between sensory stimulation and functioning thus making the child more independent and safe.

Where Can I Buy Pediatric Therapy Aids Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of pediatric therapy aids from Patterson Medical at affordable prices. Clinically designed to enhance the skills and abilities of children and make them more independent and safe.

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