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Bathrooms are one of the most vulnerable places at home as they an individual is susceptible to slipping and falling, and so bath safety aids and toilet aids are an important part in preventing injuries or mishaps in the bathroom. Walking on slippery bathroom floors, getting up or sitting on commodes, standing in the shower for long, etc. can all be difficult for people suffering from physical disabilities. Bath and toilet safety products help aid individuals in executing these activities with ease and safety.

Bath Safety Aids

A number of different daily living aids can be classified as bath safety aids, helping a person take a bath with ease and safety. These include:

Shower/Bath Benches

Eliminating the need for standing continuously, bath benches are perfect for people who cannot stand in the shower due to weak lower body extremities. They come in options such as transfer shower benches, shower commode chairs, rolling shower chairs, adjustable bath chairs, and bath chair accessories.

Shower Boards

They are an alternate to shower chairs and benches and are usually recommended for permanent attachment in the bathroom or for bathtub use. Shower boards come in variations that can be securely attached to the wall of the bathroom.

Safety & Bath Mats

Bath mats are the aids that help prevent slipping on the bathroom floor. Once securely fixed to the ground, these safety mats give enough friction, even in the presence of water, to prevent trips or falls.

Bathing Aids

Bathing aids include a wide range of products that can helpful for a safe and easy bathing experience. They include bath sponges, bath mitts, foot scrubbers, shower ponchos, bath cushions, etc.

Toileting Aids

Toileting aids are devices or items used to aid in safe, easy, and convenient use of the toilet. They are made from friction providing materials that are easy to use and aid a person perform all functions with ease. These aids include:


One of the most important toileting aids, movable commodes help modify any toilet in minutes allowing an individual to access the toilet almost anywhere. They are made from hygienic materials and are designed to provide ease of toileting at all times.

Raised Toilet Seats

For people who cannot bend down or bend their legs a lot, raised toilet seats allow for easier use of the commode while not bending a lot. They increase the height of the seat by a few inches thus enabling the user to sit comfortably.

Inspection Mirrors

These mirrors are generally designed for people who perform self catheterization. They allow the user to view the catheterization without bending and thus ensuring a more dexterous movement of the hands.

Other aids include paper tongs, commode rubber tips, male urinals, toilet aids, safety bumpers, splash guards, toilet stools, etc.

Grab Bars and Rails

One of the first things a person does when they trip or are about to fall is to hold something to regain stability. Grab bars and rails are a preventive way of doing the same. Attached securely in various positions on bathroom walls or on the side of the bathtub, they allow a person to be stable at all times in the bathroom. With variations such as single grip bars, foldable rails, drop down rails, wall mounted rails, floor mounted rails, ceiling mounted rails, bathtub grab bars and much more, they are the perfect safety aid one must have in their bathroom.

Where to Buy Bath Safety Aids?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of bath safety products from a selection of premium brands by Patterson Medical. They are designed with the best of materials keeping the safety and comfort of the user in mind.

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