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Household aids include a wide range of daily living aids which aid a person to live a comfortable, safe, and easy life. They are designed to help a person execute a number of daily chores. Many a time, a condition or an injury can impair the daily functioning and can require a person to ask for help for even small activities. These household aids help in making the individual independent as well as expedite rehabilitation, treatment, or healing times by reducing the stress on the body.

Adaptive Reading and Writing Aids

Reading and writing involves the use of several muscles and limbs working in co-ordination with the brain to easily execute the act of writing. Impairment of one of the functions can result in the inability to read or write properly or without any assistance. Different writing and reading aids help overcome different issues and difficulties one might encounter while writing or reading.

Adaptive Writing Aids

There might be several reasons for which one might need an adaptive writing aid. Reduced fine motor or gross motor skills can cause issues in holding or gripping a writing device, and an individual might need a grip aid that helps hold the pencil or pen firmly in order to write. There are two types of grips; a detachable one that can fit on any writing tool such as a pen, pencil, or a crayon and one that fits on the writing tool. An individual needs some sort of dexterity to move a pen smoothly on paper. Many people have a problem gliding the pen on paper in a straight line, or even in a smooth motion. This causes the writing to be distorted and unreadable. Writing aids help in solving this problem as well.

Adaptive Reading Aids

Holding a book and turning pages requires the use of our hands. Reading aids help people with injuries or have undergone a surgery. Page holders or clips hold down a page while reading so that the page doesn't flip itself suddenly thus enabling easy reading. Other reading aids include book stands, tablet holders, magnifiers, and much more.

Adaptive Computer Aids

Using a computer involves constant and complex use of the hands and fingers. Inability to execute these functions might require a person to use aids that might make using the computer more convenient. Typing aids are worn on the hand, placed in the mouth, or worn on the head and help in easy typing. Other computer aids include magnifiers, adaptive mouse, adaptive keyboards, etc.

Adaptive Mouth Sticks

Mouth sticks are devices that are designed for people who due to some condition or injury cannot use their hands. These sticks are attached with a pointer on one end and a brace on the other end that is placed inside the mouth. They are multipurpose aids and can be used for reading, writing, computer usage, etc. Some have clamps attached at the end for holding things.

Key Holders & Knob Turners

Key holders & knob turners are both used by people with hand weaknesses or weak grip. Key holders broaden the surface area of the key to allow for easy turning of the key. Knob turners attach easily to various types of knobs and allow for easy turning of the knob. Some increase the grip while some increase the friction to allow lesser force for turning.

Adaptive Scissors

Standard scissors require a strong use of the thumb and the fingers and impaired functioning of the hands can cause problems while using them. Adaptive scissors are equipped with springs or other features that allow for lesser strength to use the scissors. They handles of these scissors are cushioned which makes cutting easier and more comfortable. They can be used by both the hands.

Leg Lifters

Leg lifters are one of the simplest daily living aids and are used for multiple purposes which include dressing, sleeping, sitting, standing, etc. They come in multiple variations with some made for higher lifting, while some use strong straps to secure the leg.

Hip Kits and Arthritis Kits

Post hip surgery, an individual is recommended not to exert pressure on the hip to prevent any complications. In such a situation one might require a set of devices that help in reducing the bending or flexing of the hip. Hip kits are equipped with all the necessary daily living aids one might require after undergoing a hip surgery. Reachers, bath sponges, leg lifters, and many more such household aids are clubbed to create the right kind of helping set.

Arthritis also might cause an inability in executing actions that require bending, flexing, or extending the joints of the body. Arthritis kits are similar to hip kits but carry a bit extra that helps in the rehabilitation of the joints as well as improves a person’s over time.

Other Adaptive Household Aids

Other important adaptive daily aids include overbed tables, seat positioners, magnifiers, mirrors, grab bars, call bells, non slip mats, step stools, talking clocks, handrails, jar openers, etc.

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