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Drinking requires proper coordination of the mouth and the hands, and drinking aids help in achieving exactly the same. Sometimes, a neurological disorder, motor disability, or injury can cause a temporary or permanent impairment of the ability to achieve coordination between the hand and mouth. These aids help an individual have a safe, easy, and comfortable drinking experience.

Adaptive Drinking Cups and Mugs

We offer a wide range of adaptive drinking aids that help you drink liquids with minimal accidental spilling. They include:

Dysphagia Cups

Dysphagia is a condition where an individual faces difficulty in swallowing foods or liquids. Drinking from standard shaped cups can be difficult for people suffering from dysphagia and hence one needs special cups for dysphagia. Simply known as dysphagia cups, they have a shortened side that helps the cup go deeper into the mouth thus enabling easy and safe swallowing.

Two Handled Mugs

Increased stability and reduced accidental spills are the two main advantages of two handled mugs. Made of durable material, these mugs are fixed with two secure handles with ample of palm space that allows for comfortable and safe holding of the mug. Cups are also available with the two handle features.

Nosey Cups

One has to balance the cup on the mouth while drinking, and for people with weak grips or inability to do so for a long time, stabilizing the cup can be difficult. The nose might come in the way and cause greater instability. Nosey cups are cut out on one side so that the nose comfortably fits in the slot and doesn’t destabilize the cup thus allowing for easier drinking. They also cup in mug and tumbler options.

Insulated Mugs

As the name goes, insulated mugs help in keeping the contents of the mug at the temperature they were stored in. This helps in allowing a user to store liquids in a mug for a long time, reducing the need to go to and fro to fill the mug every time. This feature is aided with many other features that help in making drinking easier in all aspects. The added features include two handles, weighted bases to increase stability, lids to prevent spilling, large sizes, and wide base.

Spouted Cups/ Cups with Straws

These adaptive cups are recommended for people who cannot open their mouth completely and hence required a narrow outlet for easier consumption. These cups either have a spout attached to the lid or have a straw running through half the cup. They are securely fixed to ensure there are no accidental spills.

Other Adaptive Drinking Aids

There are a number of other aids and accessories that are used to make drinking a safe experience. These include:

  • Straws – They are not standard straws but have a number of features that enhance the experience of drinking. They are reusable and usually one-way so that no accidental spills occur.
  • Cup/Mug Holders – Holders have one or two handles and help convert any mug or cup into an adaptive drinking aid. They securely attach the cup and increase the stability of the cup.
  • Other accessories include unbreakable cups and tumblers, kennedy cups, easy grip mugs, mesh bags, mug lids, vacuum cups, etc.

Why Does One Need Adaptive Drinking Aids?

There are a number of motor disabilities and conditions that might require a person to use drinking aids to help facilitate drinking. These include:

Drinking Aids for Elderly

Usually old age can weaken a person coordination skill. The weakening of the muscles of the hand can cause more issues while drinking. Thus adaptive drinking aids can be a great partner for the elderly allowing them to drink independently. Insulated aids can help reduce the number of times they might have to get up or walk to refill their mug.

Drinking Aids for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease can be a factor for a number of conditions such as weakened grip, reduced fine motor skills, reduced coordination, tremors, and pain. All of these can cause problems for a person while drinking. Several aids can help counter these conditions and help facilitate drinking.

Other Reasons:

Where to Buy Adaptive Drinking Aids Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of quality adaptive drinking aids from Patterson Medical at affordable prices. Made of durable materials, these aids are designed to provide the user with safe, easy, and comfortable drinking.

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