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Patient protection aids are specially designed to provide protection and safety to patients in all forms. While undergoing rehabilitation, treatment, or recovery, an individual needs to be protected from a number of things that can cause complications or injuries, further causing problems for the patients. A wide range of patient protection aids from Patterson Medical are designed to provide all round protection at all times.

Patient Safety Alarms

Patient safety alarms are used to either prevent mishaps and falls or used as a calling device in case of emergency. They can be installed easily and are equipped with a number of features that allows for easy and immediate ringing and alerting. There are a number of different patient safety alarms which include patient bed alarms, patient chair alarms, patient fall alarms, and much more. Some alarms are equipped with sensor pads that are placed on the bed or a wheelchair and go off whenever there is a pressure disturbance on the bed. Some feature using a pull pin while some feature using a magnet.

Patient Safety Helmets

Unlike other helmets that are made for protection during riding or during heavy physical work, patient safety helmets are designed keeping medical safety in mind. This includes, protection from not only strong bumps or hits on the head, but also other mishaps such as a dizziness, sudden falls, or to keep the head in a stabilized position at all times. There are a number of different options one can choose from which includes hard but lightweight helmets, neoprene headgears, comfort safety helmets and much more.

Patient Safety Gloves

Patient safety gloves are clinically designed to be stronger, denser, and sturdier than other medical gloves. They are usually multi layered with each layer offering a protective barrier against a number of external factors. Safety gloves are usually recommended for people who might be susceptible to bleeding, injuring themselves involuntarily, or are involved in activities that might affect the hand. People with hand weaknesses are also recommended to use patient safety gloves as they reduce the chances of aggravating or complicating the condition.

What Are The Other Types of Patient Safety Aids?

There are a wide range of patient safety aids on HPFY that cover almost all activities and situations where one might require protection and safety. These include:

Fall Prevention Products

  • Grab bars and rails – They are an important part of bath safety and are used to prevent slipping or falling in the bathroom.
  • Head protection – These include helmets, headgears, chin guards, etc. that are designed to provide overall protection to the head.
  • Feet and hip protection – Protecting the hip includes using protective undergarments, shorts, briefs, and pants whereas protecting the foot includes slippers, socks, boots, and shoe covers that prevent slipping and falling.
  • Fall prevention mats – These are specially designed mats with alarms attached to them which go off if a person slips or falls off. This is indicated by a change in the pressure.

Where to Buy Patient Safety Aids Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of premium patient safety aids from Patterson Medical. Carefully designed to provide overall protection and safety, these aids are your one stop solution to all your protection needs.

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