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The foot is mostly affected by physical deformities and injuries, and so foot care products or aids help in rehabilitating, treating, and caring for the foot. The foot is responsible for handling a lot of stress and strain as it is used for several physical movements throughout the day. A slight defect or dysfunction of the foot can impair a person’s ability to move around. We have a wide range of products that help in treating foot related conditions and also preventing further complications.

Treating Bunions

The joint that connects the big toe to the foot is a strong but vulnerable part of the foot. Bunions are a condition that affect this very joint. Excessive use of the joint or a pre-existing weakness of the joint can force the toe to bend towards the second toe, thus causing a bony bump on the side of the foot. This condition is called hallux valgus or bunions.

There are a number of ways one can treat or control the growth of bunions.

  • Splints & Loops – One of the most common ways to prevent bunions is using splints and loops to secure the position of the toe. A gentle immobilization of the toe can help relieve the pressure thus preventing the bump to form.
  • Pads – Pads are used in two major ways, to prevent complications and to relieve the pain of bunions. The gel inside the pads helps in providing a cushioned surface for the foot thus reducing the pressure on the joint.
  • Caps – Caps work by exerting gentle compression to the toe thus distributing the pressure on the foot. Some caps also contain gel that gives a cushion to the joint and reduces pain.
  • Other remedial options include toe spreaders, sleeves, lifters, and crests.

Diabetic Footcare

Diabetes causes a number of complications and is proven to affect the functioning of the feet. This includes reduces blood flow to the feet, complications during injuries to the feet, and nerve damage. Thus it becomes very important for a diabetic patient to take extra care of their feet.

Diabetic Foot Care Kit

Diabetic foot care kits contain all those necessary aids that can help care for your feet. Keeping the feet clean is paramount and so the kit includes a long handle brush, with multiple foam head options. An inspection mirror helps monitoring the different parts of the legs easily. Last but not the least, it includes a monofilament helps in testing the sensation of the feet.


Specially designed, long handled foot brushes can help clean the feet comfortably. The various head help cleaning the space in between the toes, the heel, and the lower part of the foot easily.

Healing the Heel

The heel is one of the most important joints of the foot, as it supports the muscles and bones, and acts as a foundation stone for the foot. Injuries to the heel can disrupt the functioning of the foot, and so caring for the heel is an important part of foot care.

  • Heel Cups – Heel spurs are one of the most common conditions affecting the heel and heel cups help in countering this condition. They provide support and cushioning to the heel thus reducing pain and discomfort and also aiding in faster recovery. Some heel cups come with added features such as gel padding, acupressure pads, etc.
  • Cushions and Pads – While cushions provide protection to the heel, alleviating pain, and reducing discomfort, pads provide gentle compression thus preventing any complications to the conditions.
  • Other aids include protectors, pillows, boots, boots, and removable plugs.

Insoles and Orthotics

A structural deformity or injury to the sole can result in gait problems, inability to stand, and execute several other functions. Insoles and orthotics help in coping with such deformities and help in treating several conditions. These aids include:

  • Foot Orthotics – Designed for coping with a number of conditions, these orthotics help in reducing pressure on the sole, support the arch, improve gait, and reduce discomfort the feet in its entirety. They easily fit inside the shoe and can also be molded according to one’s need.
  • Insoles – Available in a wide range of shapes, thickness, and sizes, insoles from Patterson Medical are specially designed to care for your sole. Made of high quality materials, they are easy to use and fit inside almost all shoes. They can be easily shaped and cut according to your needs.

Where Can I Buy Foot Care Products Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of quality foot care products and aids from Patterson medical that help in efficient and comfortable foot care. Made of durable materials, these products are specially designed for your feet.

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