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Dining aids are an important part of enabling individuals with motor disabilities to have a safe and comfortable dining experience. Coupled with technologically advanced features, these aids are made of high quality materials and are hygienically designed to make sure you’re in safe hands each and every time.

Adaptive Feeding Utensils

With features such as strong grips, adaptive designs, and an ergonomic build, adaptive feeding utensils are an ideal option for daily use dining aids. These adaptive eating utensils consist of a number of different types of utensils which include:

Adaptive Curved Utensils

Curved at a specific angle, these utensils allow easy insertion of food in the mouth. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the angle of bend in them is clinically designed to aid people who face difficulties in putting food in their mouth.

Adaptive Bendable Utensils

Made of flexible & bendable materials, these adaptive bendable utensils are recommended for people who would like to bend the utensil at a desired angle. An individual can use these utensils at any angle and hence are a better choice if the user has the ability to choose the angle for themselves.

Adaptive Grip Utensils

These adaptive grip utensils are designed for people who have gripping difficulties which arise due to motor disabilities or neurological disorders. They come in options such as built up handles, ergonomic handles, steady grip handles, swivel handles, etc.

Adaptive Weighted Utensils

With excess weight added to the handles of these weighted utensils, they are apt for people who suffer from tremors. Tremors can cause an object in the hand to fall, but the weight in these utensils reduces the intensity of these tremors. They are also helpful for people with weak grips, or injured hands.

Other Adaptive Utensils

There are many more adaptive utensils which include extended utensils, foam padding utensils, easy hold utensils, flexible utensils, thin handle utensils, angled utensils, etc.

Adaptive Bowls and Dishes

Managing bowls and dishes can be very difficult while suffering from motor disabilities as they are not steady based and hence can easily fall or spill food. Made of lightweight and durable materials, adaptive bowls and dishes are made to ease one’s dining experience. They come in multiple options with added features to increase the efficiency of these aids.

Other Important Adaptive Dining Aids

There are a number of different dining aids that are designed to aid in easy cooking and cutting of food. Some dining aids help in protecting the user as well.

Why would one need Adaptive Dining Aids?

There are several reasons one might feel the need to use dining aids which include:

Adaptive Dining Aids for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis can cause weakening of the joints of one’s hands thus resulting in a weaker grip as well as instability while holding objects. Dining aids can help rid this issue by providing stability to the user while eating food.

Adaptive Utensils for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s diseases might cause weak grip and weakening of the muscles of the hand & arm. Adaptive utensils can cope with this inability to hold things properly by adding weight as well as modifying the utensil for easy eating.
Other major conditions include:

Where to Buy Dining Aids Online?

At HPFY we offer a wide range of quality dining aids from Patterson Medical that can help making dining a safe, easy, and comfortable experience. Made of high quality materials these utensils are easy to use, easy to store, and can be used under all home applications.

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