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Large area assistive listening systems help people with hearing impairments to hear better in a number of difficult listening situations. Not only the noise but the distance between speaker and listener also affects the listening capability of an individual. Assisted listening systems are ideal for use in areas like concert halls, classrooms, theatres, sport stadiums, etc. They enable people to enjoy the facilities of different venues up to its maximum potential. Large area assistive listening systems directly bring the sound to ears without increasing noise. They can be used with or without hearing aids. 

Types of Large Area Listening Systems

Two types of assisted listening systems are available at HPFY, namely, FM listening systems and infrared listening systems.

FM Systems

FM listening systems usually use 72-76 MHz radio frequency to transfer sound from transmitters to receivers. The source of sound can either be an audio input or a microphone. FM systems are versatile and portable. Both the speakers and users can have complete mobility while using these systems, which makes them ideal for classrooms and meetings.

IR (Infrared) Systems

Infrared listening systems make use of infrared light waves to transfer sound from transmitters to receivers. The light waves so received by the receiver are converted back into the sound, which can then be amplified by amplifiers. IR systems use one transmitter and one or more than one receivers. They are known as line-of-sight devices that generally used in meetings, courtrooms and theaters.

Where to buy Assistive Listening Systems online?

Health Products For You offers a wide range of large area assistive listening systems from leading manufactures like Supersonic, Califone International, Listen Technologies, and many more.

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