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What is a Continuous Passive Motion Machine?

CPM machine (Continuous Passive Motion Machine) is a motorized physical therapy equipment used to recover a joint after extensive surgery. A CPM machine brings down blood and fluid accumulation in and around the joints that may occur after surgery or due to trauma. It also maintains normal motion of the knee after a knee replacement surgery. These devices provide an effective post-operative range of motion for the knees, ankles, hip joints, wrists, or hands with minimal effort. We carry a range of high-quality CPM machines from top manufacturers like Kinetic USA, Chattanooga Group, Bodymed, and Patterson Medical.

Benefits Of CPM Machine

In the post-operative stiffness stages, the machine pumps the accumulated blood and edema fluid away from the periarticular tissues and the affected joint. This prevents subsequent joint stiffness in the first few hours or days of the surgery, bringing down risks of joint fibrosis and setting in contracture. The joint motion is important to ensure the health of the articular cartilage and is considered timely care of the joint to ensure long-term mobility.
Some other benefits are:

How Does a CPM Machine Work?

This physiotherapy equipment works the joint through a range of motion (ROM) without any effort from the user. The affected joint, like the knee, elbow, wrist, ankle, hand and wrist, is placed in a mechanical split and moved constantly without normal muscle function. Understanding how long to use a Continuous Passive Motion Machine will depend on the condition of the affected joint and when the patient is able to perform the movement without assistance. Usually, the surgeon puts the patient on the machine after the surgery and makes him continue until 3-4 weeks following surgery.

How a Continuous Passive Motion Machine can help in healing?

A CPM machine may help a person recover from surgery or injury in the following ways:

How to Use CPM Machine?

Most continuous passive machine therapy starts in the hospital and continues at home. Physiotherapists may work differently depending on their patients’ conditions. Some may recommend starting at a pre-defined flexion (usually between 0-60 degrees) and increasing flexion by 5-10 degrees each day until it reaches 110. Another may use 0 to 40 degrees to start with. The general recommendation is to use the machine thrice daily, with each session lasting two hours for a total of six hours each day.

Types of Continuous Passive Motion Machine

Knee CPM

Shoulder CPM

If you are looking for comfort therapy for the shoulder, then Patient Kit for Artromot S3 Shoulder CPM Machine from Chattanooga is popular for its deep pile sheepskin and durable fleece with items for both the upper and lower arm of the unit.

Hand CPM/Wrist CPM

The Kinetec Maestra Hand and Wrist CPM Machine is an effective CPM device for the hand and wrist and a popular buy for its lightweight and portability features. It has variable speed control, a range of motion, and pivoting palm support for increased comfort.

Ankle CPM

The Breva Ankle CPM Device from Kinetec USA is designed for the ankle. It offers two possible dimensional movements - Plantar flexion to Dorsiflexion and Eversion to Inversion patterns. It is a quiet machine and provides the flexibility of lying in bed or sitting in a chair. These CPM machines are a cost-effective way of overcoming joint stiffness and related complications post-surgery, thus eliminating prolonged physiotherapy or hospital visits.

Where to buy CPM Machines online?

At HPFY, you will get CPM machines that offer personalized therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home. Invest in your recovery and regain your independence faster. Don't let immobility hold you back - try our CPM machines and experience the benefits firsthand. We carry these continuous motion machines from leading brands and manufacturers like Kinetic USA, Chattanooga Group, and more.

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All about CPM

Taikhum Sadiq Jun 02,2016

Continuous passive motion (CPM) is a method usually carried out with patients who have been through limb or joint surgery or are in the treatment process. This therapy involves the continuous movement of the joints to ensure the effective healing