Oakworks Lowered Arm Rest Shelf With Aromatherapy
Oakworks Lowered Arm Rest Shelf With Aromatherapy

Oakworks Lowered Arm Rest Shelf With Aromatherapy

Brand/Manufacturer: OAKWORKS, INC.
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Oakworks Lowered Aromatherapy Arm Rest Shelf is designed for use on stationary tables only. It enhances your treatments and features a built-in aromatherapy bowl which is designed to fit most tables and is adjustable to fit any size client. It attaches to the table with eight-inch on center outlets and is easy to install or remove when not in use.

Note: Image is shown with Brackets which are sold separately

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Item #DescPkgPrice 
18008-03 TerraTouch, Pure White Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Seafaom Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Butter Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Saffron Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Opal Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Stone Each $135.60 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Clay Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Sage Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Earth Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Taupe Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Ruby Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Orchid Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Pewter Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Heron Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Espresso Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Ocean Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Sapphire Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Sky Blue Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Forest Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Bluegrass Each $145.99 $95.99
18008-03 TerraTouch, Coal Each $145.99 $95.99


  • Oakworks Lowered Aromatherapy Arm Rest Shelf adds the scent of aromatherapy to your treatment
  • Removable aromatherapy bowl makes it easy to clean
  • Super-comfortable padding
  • Armrest doubles as table top extender for tall clients
  • Included parts:
    - Aromatherapy armrest shelf
    - Aromatherapy bowl (if installing aromatherapy armrest shelf)
  • Also Available (Separately):
    - Oakworks Lower Arm Rest Shelf Bracket

More Information

  • Instructions for installing the Armrest Shelf:
    - Remove backing from included Velcro and attach to underside of the table top at the location shown Center Velcro between the two rubber strips and locate the leading edge 2-1/4 inches from the inside of the frame.
    - Insert Quick Lock Face Rest rods into the table-top outlet holes.
    - Take metal armrest bracket and hook ends of bracket around the facerest rods. Between camlock on facerest and outlet grommets on table.
    - Tilt metal armrest bracket until the attached Velcro comes in contact with the Velcro on the underside of the table.
    - This completes the armrest bracket installation.
    - Take the armrest shelf and insert into one of the hole sets on the metal armrest bracket.
    - Be sure to place armrest dowels in equal holes to maintain level positioning.
    - Adjust the armrest shelf height up or down as required for the comfort of the customer.
  • Table Extender Use:
    - If desired the armrest can be used as a table extender by inserting the armrest dowels directly into the facerest outlet grommets on the end of the table

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