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Patient lifts are specially made to lift and transfer patients from one place to another. Patient lifts can be operated using a power source or manually. The power lifts require a rechargeable battery, while the manual lifts are operated using hydraulics.

Types of Patient Lifts

Manual Patient Lift

Manual patient lift protects the patient from physical difficulty during movement. they are operated by hands using a handle. this type of patient lifts uses a crank to lift the patient; when the caregiver cranks the handle, the hydraulic powers the pumps to lift and lower the patient safely.

Power Patient Lifts

Power lifts provide powerful and smooth maneuverability to individuals with restricted mobility. They use an electric motor which is operated on either battery or AC/DC power.

Hydraulic Patient Lifts

Hydraulic Patient Lifts may be manual or power operated. They use hydraulic fluid to move the lift. This type of patient lift has become a standard in the market.

Sit-to-Stand Patient Lifts

Sit-to-Stand lifts are designed for patients who have difficulty standing up on their own from a seated position. They are also referred to as “Stand-Up lifts” as the individual uses their own strength to lift themselves up to a standing position.

Heavy Duty Patient Lifts

This type of lift is designed to accommodate individuals weighing more than 500 pounds. They make transfers of bariatric users smooth, and that’s why also known as Bariatric Lifts. Their broad lift range allows access to a variety of surfaces, while low-friction casters make rolling the lift easier.

Pool Lifts

They are affordable, manually operated lifts designed for residential use. They are ideal for both in and above ground pools. They are portable and easily relocated to another dock or pool area.

Patient Lift Slings

Patient lift slings are an essential part of a patient lift and hook up to the lift by a metal chain, adjustable strap, or reinforced fabric loops. The sling is placed under the patient to assist them to be lifted and transferred safely and smoothly from a bed, wheelchair, shower, or commode.

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