Drive Battery Powered Electric Patient Lift With Six Point Cradle
Drive Battery Powered Electric Patient Lift With Six Point Cradle

Drive Battery Powered Electric Patient Lift With Six Point Cradle

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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Drive Battery Powered Electric Patient Lift With Six Point Cradle charges quickly and easily from an AC outlet. The battery can be charged by plugging in the unit, and never needs to be removed. Heavy gauge construction and a jumbo actuator pump that lowers the patient ensures safe repositioning. The pump even includes an emergency button and can be switched to manual mode.

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13240 Powered Electric Patient Lift Each $82.75


  • Drive Battery Powered Electric Patient Lift With Six Point Cradle battery does not need To charge, simply plug in unit
  • Audible warning when battery power falls below 50%
  • Battery does not need while plugged in
  • Fast, easy charge from AC outlet
  • Foldable mast and base for easy storage and transportation
  • For use with 4 point and 2 point slings
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Ideal for Homecare use
  • To charge, simply plug in unit
  • Wide base provides additional stability
  • Click Here for:
    - Assembly Instructions
    - Caster Changing Instructions
    - Troubleshooting

More Information

  • Instructions
    - It is designed to transfer a patient from one resting position to another. It is not a transport device. Use a sling that is recommended by the individual’s physician. During transfer, with patient suspended in a sling to the lift, do not roll caster base over objects such as raised carpet bindings, door frames, or any uneven surfaces that would create an imbalance of the lift. Use steering handles at all times to maneuver the lift
  • How to operate
    - Spread the base legs to the widest position before lifting
    - Keep the patient centered between the base legs and have the patient face the attendant
    - Be extremely cautious and use restraint straps for spastic or severely handicapped patients
    How to use Standard or Commode Slings
    - For smooth and easy lifting, have the lift, chains, sling, commode or wheelchair in ready positionWith the patient in the center of the bed, roll patient on side away from the attendant
    - Roll the patient on side toward the attendant and center the patient on sling. With the base of lifter under bed, press the down button on the control handset to lower the boom. on the control handset to lower the boom
    - Hook the hanging strips of sling with the hanging bar. If a chain is used, make sure the "S" hooks are away from the patient. Lock rear casters, lift the patient by pressing the up button on the control handset
    - Lift patient until his/her feet will swing easily off the bed keeping patient facing the attendant
    - Unlock rear casters and transfer patient to and above commode or wheelchair. Lock brakes of both lifter and commode (or wheelchair)
    - Press the down button on control handset to gradually lower the patient
    - During the descent, assist patient to attain correct sitting posture
    - For transferring to wheelchair, when patient is seated, push down on boom to slacken hanging strips of sling. Patient can remain seated in sling
    - For commode use, adjust clothing before moving lift to straddle commode. Keep hanging strips taut and make sure patient is in a comfortable position
  • Important safety instructions:
    - Patient lifter is a transfer device that allows patient attendant to transfer patients from bed to wheelchair or commode... etc. - It should not be used to transport patients
    - When lifting patient, make sure the base legs are in the most widely opened position and the rear caster brakes are engaged. This will prevent tipping
    - When battery power goes below 50%, the controller has an audible “beep” warning. When the low battery warning is heard, charge the battery immediately. Please note that a lifted patient cannot be lowered down when battery is out of power
    - Push the “emergency” red button if the control unit system is not functioning properly
    - In the event of a power failure, a person can be lowered by pulling up on the red quick release lever
  • How to charge
    - Insert the power cord into the bottom of the control box and the other end into a wall outlet
    - The battery is charging when the “charge” light is illuminated.
    - When the battery charge is completed, the “charge” light will shut off automatically (on average, it takes approximately 4 hours to charge from 50% to 100% capacity)
    - Remove the power supply cord
    - The lift is now operational

Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –




Boom Height

27.5" - 76"

Base Width (open)


 Base Width (closed)


Base Height


Base Clearance



5" Rear

Product Weight


Weight Limit



Limited Lifetime Warranty, 1 Year on Electronics- Battery, Hand control, Actuator

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How long between battery charges?
How long does a battery typically last?
How easy is it to change a battery?
Does a sling come with the lift or must it be purchased separately?
Do you take trade-ins?  Currently have a Drive 13023SV
Debra Stone - 11/29/2015 4:25:05 PM
answer image
Thank you for your inquiry. To charge, simply plug in unit. Battery does not need to be removed to be charged. When the battery is 50% below full capacity, it will give a “beep” warning and will need to be re-charged immediately. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge from 50% to 100% capacity. Lastly, we do not deal in Trade-ins, we only sell new products. The sling has to be purchased separately. Hope that helps.
Customer Care - 11/30/2015 7:14:26 AM
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