Frequently Asked Questions on Nebulizer Masks

What is the function of a nebulizer mask?

A nebulizer mask is an alternative to a nebulizer mouthpiece and used by those nebulizer users who are not comfortable using a mouthpiece. A nebulizer mask delivers aerosol therapy in a more efficient manner and keeps the patient comfortable, too.

What is a nebulizer mask made of?

A nebulizer mask is made from a soft, flexible and clear plastic which is contoured to fit the face. It has elastic straps which keep the mask securely attached to the face to provide effective aerosol delivery.

How to clean a nebulizer mask?

At the end of the day, wash your nebulizer mask with warm soapy water. Shake off the excess water and then keep the mask aside to dry. Every third day the nebulizer mask should be disinfected with a vinegar solution or any other disinfectant recommended by suppliers.