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Medical Furniture have an essential role to play in healthcare settings. They help doctors and medical professionals in performing surgeries with great care and safety. Hospital care furniture also provide comfort and relaxation to patients and make their stays better in hospital.

Different types of Medical Furniture

Medical Stools

Medical stools help doctors in patient examinations and medical procedures. They have a sturdy surface that provide more comfort and safety. Medical stools come in a wide variety, with casters or without casters, different shapes and sizes, etc.  

Medical Cart

Medical carts provide a convenient space for placing medical equipment or medicines and transporting them from one place to another. There are utility carts, multi-purpose carts, mobile carts, linen carts and many other types of medical carts available at HPFY.

Medical Hampers

Medical hampers are used to maintain clean working environment and prevent cross contamination by safe disposal of soiled linens. HPFY offers a wide variety of hamper stands, hamper bags and combo packs that are ideal for hospitals, operating rooms, clinics and private practices. 

Medical Chairs

Medical chairs provide a comfortable seating surface to healthcare practitioners while performing surgeries and minor procedures. They include various features like adjustable height, tilt options, multi-positioning seat and back, etc. for better access to patients. 


Cabinets are used to keep narcotics and many other useful things conveniently in reach of users. There are wall cabinets, bedside cabinets and mobile cabinets, with two or three shelves to meet varied user requirements. 


Medical furniture accessories are used for efficient functioning of medical clinic furniture. They include exam table papers, headset sheets, tap bells, paper dispensers, replacement cushions, etc.

Where to buy medical Furniture?

Health Products For You provides a wide variety of medical furniture like stools, cart, hampers, chairs and cabinets from popular manufacturers like Clinton Industries, MJM International Corporation, Winco, etc. Buy Now and Save More!

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