Medical Hampers

Medical hampers offer great utility in hospitals and healthcare facilities. They are designed to carry soiled linens and other medical related products. Safe disposal of soiled linens play a great role in maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in all health care environments like hospitals, private practice clinics, operating rooms etc. Failure in doing so can lead to risk of infections and contamination. Hampers offer great maneuverability with smooth rolling casters that are durable and made of high quality materials. Hampers come in various shapes like round, triangular and rectangular for utilizing every bit of space efficiently.

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Types of Medical Hampers

Hampers provide rugged performance along with being an everyday utility. At HPFY we bring to you various types of medical hampers like:

  • Step-on Hampers
  • Round Hampers
  • Tilt-top Hampers
  • Folding Hampers
  • Triangle Hampers
  • Stainless Steel Hampers
  • Hospital Hampers 
  • Operating Room Linen Hampers, etc.

Bags for hampers are sold separately except for some models. Medical hampers are made with high quality chrome plated stainless steel for added durability. We carry a wide range of durable and mobile medical hampers with varying capacities like the MJM International Bag Hamper 218 with Zipper Front, Graham-Field PVC Deluxe Hampers or the Duralife Laundry Hamper With Footpedal etc. to help with your daily cleaning tasks. Buy top quality products from popular manufacturers like R&B Wire Products, MJM International Corp, Duralife, Anatomy Supply Partners and many more at best prices on HPFY!