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What is a Hospital Bed Trapeze?

A hospital bed trapeze, also known as an overhead trapeze or hospital bed pull-up bar, is a specialized device commonly used in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare settings to assist patients with mobility and positioning. It typically consists of a horizontal bar suspended from an adjustable frame or overhead attachment that is secured to the hospital bed. One of the primary benefits of a hospital bed trapeze is its ability to assist with patient transfers and repositioning. Caregivers can use the trapeze bar to provide support and guidance during transfers, such as moving a patient from a lying position to sitting or standing, reducing the strain on their own bodies and minimizing the risk of injuries to both patients and caregivers. This can enhance patient safety and comfort during movements, particularly for those with limited mobility or physical limitations. Health Products For You offers a vast collection of trapeze bars and stands that assist patients while moving or during inconvenient transfers.

Benefits of using Trapeze Bar for Bed

When to use Trapeze Bars & Stands for Beds?

Types of Hospital Bed Trapeze

  1. Free Standing Trapeze Bar

    Free-standing medical Trapeze is said to be the most preferred option, provided the patient's bedside has enough space to accommodate one. As the name suggests, free-stand trapezes have a strong, wide base that rests on the ground, providing stability. It is portable in terms of moving around the room and is often used during physical therapy and other forms of strength training. Some of these models also provide the ability to attach to the headboard, while there are also some robust and heavy-duty bariatric options accommodating up to 1000 pounds.

  2. Bed Mounted Trapeze

    The Bed-Mounted Medical Trapeze directly connects to the bed frame or headboard without the need for a ground-resting base. Most are adjustable, making them compatible with different hospital beds, but it is always recommended to check their compatibility with your bed. Also, these trapeze mounts come with wall bumpers and padded mounts to protect the bed and surrounding wall.

  3. Ceiling Mount Trapeze

    Medical Ceiling Trapeze tends to be the best choice when floor space is limited. They also have options of sliding away the ceiling trapeze to not obstruct the view or take up head space when not in use. Although they are said to be secure to virtually any ceiling, it is best to consult local professionals before installing them.

Where to buy Trapeze Bar for Bed?

Hospital Bed Trapeze Bars and Stands are used for easy positioning of patients who require assistance while moving. They support patients who face difficulty moving their lower bodies. At HPFY, you can find a wide variety of trapeze bars and stands from top-selling brands such as Dynarex Corporation, Healthcraft Products, Medline Industries, and many others.

Our Best-Selling Hospital Bed Trapeze

  1. Medline Bed Assist Bar [Frame Mount w/ Ground Support]

  2. Graham-Field Lumex Trapeze Floor Stand [Free Standing]

  3. HealthCraft e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze [Ceiling Mount Trapeze]
Our Best-Selling Trapeze for Bed

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Frequently asked questions

Hospital Trapeze bars or Bedside Trapeze hang over a bed so that a patient can grab and move themselves. Trapeze bars are helpful for those who need consistent bed care, who may be physically disabled or cannot move their lower extremities. The patient can shift their weight by grabbing and lifting their torso upward and sliding their body one way or other, or so that a caregiver can better assist them.

Trapeze bar can be used by people who are physically disabled or in a state where they cannot move their lower extremities. The patient will be able to shift their weight by grabbing and lifting their torso upward and sliding their body one way or another.

Types of Hospital Trapeze Bars

  • Free standing trapeze
  • Ceiling mount trapeze
  • Bed mounted trapeze

Trapeze bars are beneficial as they:

  • Help bedridden patients to move more easily in bed
  • Help users to develop arm and upper body strength
  • Minimize the assistance required by the caregiver for changing patient positioning

As the patients can more easily and safely support themselves by using trapeze bar, it minimizes the assistance required by the caregiver for changing positions, and for transfers in and out of bed for toileting, bathing and other daily activities.