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What are Medical Trapeze Bars & Stands?

Trapeze bars and stands are designed to provide patient care. They feature easy storage and handling. Health Products For You offers a vast collection of trapeze bars and stands which assist patients while moving or during inconvenient transfers. They provide comfort and ease of operation to both the clients and providers. Choose products from manufacturers like Drive, Invacare, Rose healthcare , Healthcraft, Nova-Ortho Medical and Graham-Field.

Types of Medical Trapeze

Free Standing Trapeze

Free-Standing Medical Trapeze is said to be the most preferred option provided the patient's bedside has enough space to acommodate one. As the name suggests, free-stand trapaze have strong wide base that rests on the ground providing stability. It is portable in terms of moving around the room and is often used during physical therapy and other forms of strength training. Some of these models also provide he ability to attach to the headboard while there are also some robust and heavy-duty bariatric options accommodating upto 1000 pounds.

Bed Mounted Trapeze

The Bed Mounted Medical Trapeze direclty connects to the bed frame or headboard without the need for a ground-resting base. Most of them are adjustable, making them compatible with different hospital beds but it is always recommended to check its compatibility with your bed. Also, these trapaze mounts come with wall bumpers and padded mounts to protect the bed and surrounding wall.

Ceiling Mount Trapeze

Medical Ceiling Trapeze tend to be the best choice when floor space is limited. They also have options of slide away ceiling trapeze to not obstruct view or take up head space when not in use. Although they are said to be secure to virtually any ceiling, it is best to consult local professionals before installing one.

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